Obama reverses protections for pro-life doctors

President Obama took another step forward in his pro-abortion agenda recently by removing Bush administration protections for doctors and hospitals who refuse to perform abortions.  The regulations were put in place after reports of increasing pressure on those in the medical profession to do abortions in spite of federal laws that are supposed to prohibit such violations of conscience.

The abortion rights crowd claim that it inhibits a womans "right" to an abortion if a doctor has a "right" to avoid performing one because or reasons of religion or conscience.  Which essentially makes abortion a "right" of greater importance than religious freedom.  Despite which one of the two are actually in the Constitution.

Obama's HHS officials are proposing to rescind the rule in its entirety.

The Obama administration appears to be relying on the objections pro-abortion groups posed to the abortion conscience clause and it refers to those objections from groups like Planned Parenthood in its proposal.

Abortion advocates "asserted that the rule would limit access to patient care and raised concerns that individuals could be denied access to services, with effects felt disproportionately by those in rural areas or otherwise underserved," the Obama administration noted.

"The Department believes that the comments on the August 2008 proposed rule raised a number of questions that warrant further careful consideration," it adds...

In other words, they got a call from Planned Parenthood.

"Thus, the Department is proposing to rescind the December 19, 2008 final rule, and we are soliciting public comment to aid our consideration of the many complex questions surrounding the issue and the need for regulation in this area," the administration says.

The publication of the proposal to rescind the Provider Conscience Clause opens up a 30-day public comment period, after which Obama will likely roll back the protections for medical personnel and facilities...

So much for Obama's being "pro-choice", huh? 

They want comments...so you should give them some.  let them know how you feel about forcing someone to commit murder.  Let them know that it's bad enough that it's legal in our country.  Worse that your tax-dollars have to subsidize it.  Now they want to take away a persons right to refuse to do it.  Speak up.

Take Action:

You can email the Department of Health and Human Services at [email protected] and tell them that you want the Bush era regulation left in place.


If you haven't yet, take a moment and join our "Stop FOCA!" campaign.  Sign the petition, then send a personalized fax to your members of Congress and let them know how you feel.

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