Obama Expecting To Lose in 2012, But Return in 2016?

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Costumed revelers on Frenchmen Street, New Orleans Mardi Gras Day.


Many advance indicators show Republicans winning the presidential nod in November. But it’s likely Obama has his eyes on the presidency in 2016. A loss shortly, but the possibility of rebound in 2016, is what the doctor ordered for Obama’s hopes.

Now, the economy is tanking—big time. The deficit has already exceeded $16 trillion.

One of hundreds of military situational indicators is SNAFU—something that aptly describes Obamacare--a major SNAFU.

This presidency has been described as starting out with SNAFU, but started going TARFUN soon after, and was totally FUBAR before long.

[For those hardcore parents unfamiliar with all three acronyms, or who don’t have a child in the military, they are: SNAFU Situation Normal, All F-----d Up; TARFUN -Things Are Really F-----d Up Now; FUBAR – F-----d Up Beyond All Recognition.] 

From Michelle Malkin: Obama's (un)American auto bailout - Conservative News, we find out just how much ‘outsourcing’ is planned by Obama to other countries.

Obama secretly knows he will likely lose in November. But he knows it’s legally permissible to be elected a second time in 2016. He’s young enough, and thinks America will be so deep in a recession--or depression—they will need ‘saving’ from this ‘dire’ predicament. He’s got all the answers in his 2nd term. Trash the Constitution! Socialism, World Banks, and big government are the answers.

More regulation, more government employment, and extensive rules prohibiting Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), and CO2 production. He will believe capitalism is obsolete, and only he has the answers to survival in a cruel world.

He has already been caught in numerous lies including ‘no new taxes’, getting reduced abortions, major deficit bailout losses, reduced domestic oil recovery, increased regulations [Red Tape Rising: Regulation in the Obama Era]…and the list goes on.

Then comes 900 executive orders announced by Obama (and counting), A Comprehensive List Of Obama's Worst Executive Orders | Opinion ... penned by Sher Zieve.  By then, dependency upon government may well be above 50%, which will be the cliff that America falls over, and cannot go back to the way it was with capitalism.

All this is unnervingly reminiscent of the archived movie “The Wizard of Oz”. If Obama gets re-elected, one remembers that flock of flying monkeys swooping down into the Enchanted Forest primed to wreak havoc with Dorothy and her friends. Of course, even flying monkeys won’t be able to top that savage tornado ripping up her house, and delivering it to a world never seen before.


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