Is Obama considering a gay “biased, prejudiced” judge?

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The New Republic ran this article "A Gay Supreme Court Justice?" on May 6th; And, they name names. This is not the only article concerning nominating a judge who will have a prejudices to rule in favor of Gay rights, a few moments on google will tell you that.

So what does a good judge look like? Well they should not make a decision on the legal case before them until they consider both sides. A position of a judge is not to rule over public policy:

* They do not get involved unless their is a disagreement between people or groups of people.
* They do not have the ability to set up a committee to research what a policy position would do.
* They have no method to be politically active to promote an idea.

They need to wait until people disagree and people come to them as a third party to settle the disagreement fairly based on the rules that were established before hand - on a contract or the laws created by elected representatives of the people.

They exist to read the rules, hear both sides of disagreements and enforce the rules.

What gay advocates should do is work the process by allowing a vote. I have a right to my vote, they have a right to theirs, and you are the tie breaker and have a right to decide the future of our country.


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