Obama's Thoroughly Discredited Attorney General Goes After the CIA

In an attempt to change the topic from Barack Obama's budget-breaking health care bill which the overwhelming majority of Americans are repulsed by, Obama's thoroughly discredited Attorney General, Eric Holder, changed the subject to supposed CIA abuse during the Bush administration.   

Eric Holder was the guy who actually persuaded Bill Clinton - as one of his final dastardly acts as president in 2001 - to pardon one of the most corrupt individuals in American history, Marc Rich.  Rich was indicted on federal charges of illegally making oil deals with Iran, even while America was trying to get our hostages released in the late 1970's.  In addition, Rich was indicted on tax evasion.  Yet, to its discredit, the Democrat-controlled Senate earlier this year confirmed Holder as attorney general.   

Yesterday, Holder decided to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue criminal charges against CIA employees who interrogated some of al Qaeda's worst terrorists, including those affiliated with the mass murder of almost 3,000 Americans in 2001.  These interrogations - as confirmed in a report released yesterday - resulted in almost 8 years of freedom from attacks by these vicious Islamist terrorists.  Of course, Holder's action to appoint a prosecutor broke yet another one of Obama's campaign promises about not wanting to look back, but wanting to look forward.   

Because of the Obama administration's decision yesterday, the country is going to be put through a lengthy period of witch hunts against the very individuals who kept America safe by providing key intelligence information against Islamic terrorist cells.   

Americans are now going to suffer because of Obama's Justice Department's investigation, possibly resulting in countless numbers of deaths due to Holder's decision.  Undoubtedly, CIA agents will retreat into their protective shells as they did the last time when the Democrats shamelessly went after the CIA and our intelligence services which, of course, resulted in terrorist attacks on America and against American citizens ending with the 9-11 attacks in 2001.   

The Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnel from Kentucky said this morning regarding the attorney general's decision:  "We must remain mindful that we still are very much a nation at war with terrorists who spend every hour of their day planning how to hurt America and Americans.  That's why reports that the Department of Justice has directed a special prosecutor to investigate the men and women tasked with keeping America safe is such a poor and misguided decision."    

Senator McConnell goes on to say that:  "Several years ago, career professional at the Department decided the facts did not support prosecuting America's intelligence professionals based on the practices at issue today.  Now, the administration risks chilling our defense and intelligence community's ability to protect us from future terrorist attacks by reopening this matter.  If these reports are true, the American people will rightly be outraged by this administration's actions in this critical area."   

In just over 7 months, the rabidly politically-partisan Obama administration has surpassed the level of corruptness exhibited by the last Democrat administration.  Eric Holder's witch-hunt against patriotic Americans is just the latest example of the perniciousness of this administration.

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