Obama's rogue's gallery

Change.  NOT!  Barack Obama promised America change if they elected him and millions of his sycophants  --  think Oprah  --  and others voted for him.  Many of his voters of course  --  because of a corrupt "Old Media" determined to elect their left-wing "Messiah" and did virtually no reporting on Obama's past  --  did not know about Obama's associations with thoroughly abominable individuals such as domestic terrorist Bill Ayers; a racist pastor whom Obama sat under for some 20 years, Jeremiah Wright; a criminal named Mark Rezko who provided the Obamas a mansion with a discount; and on and on.

So here is a rogue's gallery of characters who will be among those populating Obama's White House staff or possible cabinet:

Obama's very first appointment as White House chief of staff is Congressman Rahm Emanuel, a former Clinton staffer (change?) who once sent a dead fish to one of his enemies; a guy whose language includes the F-word in just about every sentence in order to intimidate his friends and enemies.

Obama's possible Attorney General, Eric Holder, a former Clinton staffer (change?) who recommended to his boss, Bill Clinton, in the remaining hours of his administration in January 2001 a pardon for the FBI's 2nd most wanted criminal, Marc Rich, who was also a fugitive from justice having fled the United States; and the pardons of a number of terrorists,

Obama's new White House Counsel (the top lawyer), Gregory B. Craig, who was the lawyer for John Hinckley Jr. who nearly assassinated President Ronald Reagan; represented the communist father of Elian Gonzalez whose mother died escaping from communist Cuba with her son Elian; and who was head of Bill Clinton's impeachment defense (change?)

Obama has named an influential and pro-abortion attorney to serve as a member of his Department of Justice Review Team, Dawn Johnsen, who actually was legal director for one of the most radical pro-abortion groups in the country, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) from 1988 to 1993.  And of course, she is a former Clinton staffer (change?)

Obama has appointed Alta Charo to his Health and Human Services team, a radical leftist who supports using American taxpayer dollars to pay for the immoral and absolutely ineffective human embryonic stem cell destructive research, and possibly even worse, human cloning research, and she is of course a former Clinton staffer (change?)

Obama's new appointments to populate his administration are not exactly the change "we are waiting for." 

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