Obama's Rich Auto Executive Friends Fly to Washington in private jets and stay in Posh Hotels Demanding Bailout Money

If the Republican Party ever wants to come back from the near-dead, it needs to denounce the Democrat bailout for the three major American automobile companies.  And who --  by the way  -- advised the heads of General Motors, the Ford Motor Company and Chrysler to fly to Washington D.C. to demand a bail-out from the American taxpayers in private jets and to stay in Washington D.C.'s most expensive hotels?


Barack Obama, in order to win his sweeping victory in Michigan (and Ohio,) promised the three failed automakers billions and billions of American tax dollars and now Obama's highly-paid automaker executives and the militant United Autoworkers Union are coming to Washington to collect what Obama promised them.


Because investors think the Obama-sponsored automaker bailout bill will actually pass, the stock market crash worsened to its worst point today since 2003.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped some 430 points to below 8,000, almost 40% lower than just last year when the Dow reached over 14,000 points. 

Actually, this Obama stock market crash, one of the worst since the Great Depression  --  began in September just after Obama's poll numbers began going up and Senator John McCain was getting the blame for the financial crisis.  Investors began believing that Obama was actually going to win. 


Unless Republicans in the Senate can unite with their 40 to 42 votes (depending on Senate outcomes in Minnesota and Georgia) and successfully filibuster  --   in the new 111th Congress  --  the economy-busting legislation introduced by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid left-wing block will only worsen the Obama crash and the Bush recession will solely be owned by Obama,

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