Obama's life-killing decision on stem cells not unifying

With the stroke of his pen this afternoon Barack Obama made his most devisive move since he became president as he signed an executive order allowing taxpayer funding for the immoral destruction of human embryonic stem cells. All during his 2-year presidential campaign, he promised that he would end the devisiveness in America. Yet, he is forcing American taxpayers in decision after decision since he became president in January to fund procedures which Americans believe are morally repulsive.

This afternoon, Obama issued an executive order, overturning President George W. Bush's policy of not funding human embryonic stem cell destruction research with taxpayers' dollars. Ironically, after spending billions of dollars -- including some $3 billion in California alone -- on this unethical research, there have been no successes in human embryonic stem cell research. Only adult stem cell research and other forms of non-embyronic stem cell research have yielded results in curing diseases.

The House Republican Whip, Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor said following Obama's pandering to the radical pro-abortion fringe groups supporting the Democrat Party: “The President’s action today is not about whether or not to permit stem cell research, or even embryonic stem cell research in America. We already do each of those things. Today’s action is about forcing taxpayers to fund ethically troublesome – and unproven – research that destroys life."

Congressman Cantor went on to say about successful advances in non-embryonic stem cell research: “Nearly every American supports continued stem cell research, and Republicans laud the miraculous innovations made in ethical and sensible adult stem cell research. Unfortunately, today the Administration wasted an opportunity to unite our country around these ethically and scientifically sound innovations by allowing the use of taxpayer money for embryo-destructive stem cell research, which millions of Americans find morally reprehensible. This divisive action will divert scarce federal resources away from innovative and proven adult stem cell research.”

Unfortunately, the Obama admistration has already become -- as many pro-lifers warned during the campaign -- the most radical administration in American history when it comes to protecting the sanctity of human life. In the Orwellian language typical of the Obama administration, Obama said in a Presidential Memorandum directed to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy that he wants them to develop a “strategy for restoring scientific integrity to government decision making." What Obama did today was the furthest thing from restoring integrity in America and he ought to be ashamed.

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