Obama's Democrats now own 99.4% of American economy

Out of 535 members of the United States Congress, only 3 Republicans (all liberal Republicans) voted for Barack Obama's so-called "stimulus" bill, H.R. 1, the Democrats' number one bill for the 111th Congress and for Obama's presidency. That means Obama's Democrats now own 99.4% of the American economy and will be responsible for the expected decrease in America's gross domestic product and the continued unemployment. Even Democrat policy analysts predict this if Obama's stimulus bill becomes law.

Indeed, the stock market experienced a Great Crash today after the Democrats passed their pork-filled non-stimulus bill which will cost the American taxpayers way over $1 trillion (including interest.) The Dow Jones Industrial Average nearly dropped a whopping 400 points.

At Obama's press conference, the Associated Press reporter who asked the first question of the evening, actually asked a reasonably tough question asking whether or not Obama is talking down the economy with his Cassandra-like talk about catastrophes if Congress does not pass his bill. Obama, in his answer to her question, referred to Japan's "Lost Decade" and that America is in danger of duplicating that.

Had the "mainstream" media not still been in the tank -- as they were for Obama during his 2 year presidential campaign -- the next question for a non-corrupt media would be: "Well, Mr. Obama, what Japan did wrong during those 10 years is to introduce "stimulus" bills exactly like your "stimulus" bill. Why won't your bill sink the economy like those Japanese "stimulus" bills did?" That question was not asked. Neither were any other tough questions asked of Obama. Indeed, the former Democrat political hack -- George Stephanopoulos of ABC's Sunday morning show -- actually gave Obama an "A" for his press conference performance.

Wall Street was clearly unimpressed with his press conference last night and with the Obama bill passed by the Senate today. Yes, the economic reckoning will be just a little over the horizon if the bill passed by the Senate or something even worse in the form of a Senate/House compromise is passed and signed into law by Barack Obama.

The 2010 elections will reflect the American people's dissatisfaction with the rabid partisanship thus far displayed by Obama and his congressional Democrats and even more importantly with the dismal economy.

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