No, Democrats: Tea Party is not at fault; most Americans want low-tax limited government too

The concerted attack on the Tea Party during the past couple of weeks  --  by not only the Democrat leaders, but by their like-minded friends in the news media  --  is astounding.  Prior to the debt ceiling legislation being signed into law by Barack Obama last week, the coordinated attack campaign against the Tea Party included using the talking points from the political hacks at the Democrats' national headquarters.  The main talking point was that the Tea Party activists were terrorists.  They whined that the Tea Party was also holding the country hostage, and on and on. 
Even the vice president of the United States was quoted by several sources saying that he agreed with a Democrat member of Congress who called the Tea Party terrorists.  In the same Democrat caucus meeting, according to "Politico" on August 1, 2011, Joe Biden said that the debt ceiling deal  --  finally agreed to by the Republican congressional leadership  --  would take away the Tea Party's "weapon of mass destruction," the threat of default on U.S. debt obligation.

After Standard and Poor's down-grading of America's credit from AAA to AA+ last Friday night, the Democrat talking heads on the weekend news shows blamed the Tea Party for the down-grade of the credit of the United States. For example, David Axelrod, on CBS's "Face the Nation," called the credit agency's action "a Tea Party downgrade."

Sticking to the Democrats' talking points yesterday  --  which undoubtedly will show up on Obama's two teleprompters this week  --  the failed presidential candidate, John Kerry, the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, virtually used the same description of the Tea Party on NBC's "Meet the Press" saying "I believe this is, without question, the 'Tea Party downgrade.'"  Incidentally, Americans would like some originality from their politicians. 

The bottom line is that the Democrats need to look in the mirror when looking to assign blame for America's debt crisis.  When the president assumed office, the federal debt was a little over $10.7 trillion.  It is now over $14.6 trillion. Most of that increase was caused by gargantuan government spending  --  most especially ObamaCare and the failed stimulus bill  --  by the president and his party in Congress.

A couple weeks ago, the left-wingers in the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to allow the "Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011"  --   passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives with a large bipartisan majority (234-190)  --  to even get a vote on the Senate floor, much less even one minute of debate. 
The American people overwhelmingly supported this commonsense cut, cap and balance bill.  The Republican-authored legislation made immediate substantial cuts in the federal budget; set a reasonable cap to federal spending in future years; and required a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution; something that 49 states have. 
Congress needs to get back to work and cut several trillion dollars more from the bloated federal budget including from entitlement programs.  Maybe, just maybe, the United States will get back its stellar credit rating again.



Henry Massingale

 This is kind of old, still want to blog, so let hit this just right, for over 10 years this issue got worse, and it was by the hands of Government Officials, now The American people are Terrorist, hey guys news flash, you all spent so much money, and gave a lot of it to The Largest Heroin Empire is the World, Afgahn, now who you all calling Terrorest, and the American Dollar supports them our enemy ?

My name is Henry Massingale

 and I approve this Messege

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