NH School Engages in Religious Discrimination and Censorship

A school district in Hudson, New Hampshire is under the threat of a federal lawsuit for refusing to allow the distribution of a church's Vacation Bible School flyer to one of the schools in the district.

According to a report in OneNewsNow, church member Patricia Regan is taking action against the district, considering that she has been aware that the school has always allowed organizations in the community to distribute literature to promote events to the school's students. But, now they are refusing to allow her church's event information to be distributed to these children, as well.

For anyone who thinks sensibly, this sounds like a pretty fair protest to raise over the issue:

Joshua Bolinger, litigation counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, is representing Regan. "Ms. Regan submitted... the Vacation Bible School flyers, in accordance with the school's literature distribution policy," he argues. "And the district superintendent rejected those flyers the following day because of their religious content and viewpoint."

According to the attorney, the school district's response is clearly unconstitutional. "Schools really cannot ban the distribution of a Christian group's literature just because it's religious," he adds. "But, unfortunately, that's what we have here."

Bolinger says that while the school district refused to allow the Vacation Bible School flyers, they did allow the distribution of printed flyers for a wide variety of other community groups.

This whole separation of church and state argument seems to get more absurdly applied year after year after year. I wonder just how many more years the argument is going to be raised that our nation actually should implement the practice that our state should totally separate itself from the practice of allowing church/religion altogether, after all we are supposed to have a separation of church and state! It really is getting that ridiculous.

The article closes with this:

Despite the fact that content and viewpoint discrimination against religious speech is clearly forbidden by both the U.S. Constitution and numerous federal court decisions, says Bolinger, government entities continue to illegally treat Christians and their speech less favorably than non-Christian speakers and their messages.

Gee... I wonder where the American Civil Liberties Union is when America needs them?!?!



Gay Marriage

A Time to Stand Up in Defense of Family Values and to tbe Counted in a Positive Way 

Hi All,

Would you please circulate this to your friends.

Here is a semi-official list of donors in support of Proposition 8 assembled by one of the gay activist groups in California (http://www.californiansagainsthate.com/dishonorRoll.html#reiss).  These companies are those targeted to be boycotted because of their pro-family stance.  Frankly, I appreciate this group assembling the list as it is heartening to see people put there money where their mouths are when it comes to things that are so important.  As for me and my money -- I will support these businesses as a sign of my deep gratitude for their willingness to stand up when it mattered.

I am deeply offended that business interests of these people are being attacked because they chose to support such an important issue.  This type of intimidation in the past drove companies like ATT and COMCAST (Donated $50K to Defeat Family Values) to become major donors in the gay movement, and most recently in the attempt to redefine marriage to allow gay marriage.  The quickest way to quell this attempt to silence any voice of reason is to support these companies.  Remember, there are more of us than them.  Thus, any attempt to economically damage these companies and individuals should be at least offset by our additional help. 

If we epect to continue to have a voice in this debate , it is time to stand between these companies and our adversaries who would harm them in an attempt to silence our voice.  In the end, I belive it is a question of whether we are proud to be labeled Christians, or are merely apologists.  

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