News At Midnight--igNoble-Nobel Prize-Ca.Gov to Fine Wife?

As the world knows, Barack Hussein Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize this week...which make it a igNoble-Nobel Prize. Adding to the irony, the founder of the award, Alfred Nobel for whom it was named, was the inventor of....dynamite, which might have blocked Mr. Nobel from being able to receive his own peace recognition. 

However, based upon the reasoning (?) capabilities (!) of the Nobel Committee this week, they would probably justify Mr. Nobel being a recipient since by inventing dynamite, Mr. Nobel could see his invention wipe out the entire population of the earth, and then, without people that might conflict with each other, there would be peace.  Nah...on second thought, that committee obviously could never reason or think that much.

Along with the trophy, Obama received $1.4 million which will come in handy for his escalating legal bills for lawyers to block all inquiries about his place of birth.
The First lady of California, Marie Shriver was captured by photographers violating the hands-free cell phone requirement that her hubby, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law. So with his authority, his wife must be fined 20 bucks...this time...the next time,$500.00.  When the multitudes brought this infraction to the Guv, he responded diplomatically, "Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention, there's going to be swift action." Now this represents real husband power.
Stepping off of the MilesTone for a moment, Georgia Judge Clay Land, fined attorney, Orly Taitz, $20,000 for bringing a lawsuit to demand Obama's birth eligibility verification, plus yelling at her, calling her lawsuit "frivolous" and mocking her.

The judge, who obvioulsy backs Obama and socialism, took the case personal, and was so hostile and rude to the plaintiff, according to the news reports,  that he should be cited for Judicial Misconduct. There will be more of this case revealed in a story that will break next week.
Bar fight of the week: Lawyers are debating having a uniform bar exam, a single bar exam to be valid in every state. As lawyers are prone to do, they are passionately arguing the pros and cons of this issue. The main dispute seems to be that by states giving up their automomy in testing lawyers, they would be giving up power over lawyers and their futures that the Bar Association has enjoyed for so long.

As Jesus says in the Scriptures; "Woe unto you, lawyers ! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge; ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered."  Luke 11:52.

That Scripture did us a power of good. Now MilesTones can go to sleep.


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