News Briefs Pulled Up: Amber Alert Hoax-Obama's Birthday-Saving Babies, Rev. Johnny Jones-and More

But first, this headlined story tease in today's Irish Central newspaper:

Cavan bishop finally laid to rest in Perth diocese he created
Thursday, August 4, 2011, 4:47 AM
"The Irish bishop credited for the spread of Catholicism in Western Australia was finally buried at the parish he founded after his death 140 years ago." How's that again?  We suppose that anyone who can found a parish 140 years after he died deserves to be in the headlines.

Obama's Birthday is today, or so it is announced. Can we be absolutely sure about this birth date since he won't show us his original birth certificate? Happy Birthday Anyhow.

The Bible says that with faith Christians can move mountains (Mark 11:23). Devout Christian, Art Mijares, isn't trying to move a mountain, he just wants to rename it, Reagan Mountain, instead of Mt. Diablo (devil in Spanish) which suggests that it is a monument to the devil. There have been several hearings in Contra Costa County, California on the issue. There's also been a lot of flack.

Citizen, a publication of Focus on The Family had an interesting editorial in the current issue by Tom Minnery, titled, "Free Speach Could Cost You." He writes: "Today, there is no live-and-let-live attitude by same-sex marriage proponents."

It is true. The "gays" are no longer content with 'tolerance' or 'acceptance.' Now they demand that everyone actively support them and promote their lifestyle. As readers remember, this writer was recently fired from the Examiner for not promoting the homosexual cause in my stories. They cannot be simply news stories. Homosexuality MUST be endorsed in any stories written about them.

Marian Banducci of Modesto, California, is a remarkable young woman who has devoted her life to saving babies from abortion. She spends her days at high schools speaking to students and giving out literature regarding abortion. while under tremendous pressure. She has been harrassed by the police, school officials and some students who obviously come from liberal homes. Yet, she carries on faithfully and has saved countless babies from abortion.

A new law was just passed in Sacramento that seems to have been written especially for her. The law states that it is now a crime "to disturb, distract or hamper students on their way to school, their way home, or when they are outside between classes. In other words, it is illegal to talk to them at all, except if you are a liberal Marxist and promote abortion. You will want to get her newsletter, Voice For The Unborn. Visit her website at: She is an excellent writer and poet which you will see in her newsletter. A tip of the beret to a woman who exhibits what true committment is all about.

Research Associate Helen Trautman of Pittsburgh alerted us to a new poll, an insane poll I might add, but a very interesting one nontheless. Basically the poll was to rate God's performance. (?) This had to be a Liberal Socialist endeavor as you can see by the first question: "IF GOD EXISTS, do you approve or disapprove of ITS performance?" (Caps mine.) What an insult to God and the People of God. Anyway, God had a higher approval rating than Obama so it appears that there is still the audacity of hope, even with liberals running loose.

NEW LOCATION: Rev. Johnny Jones has started a new church, Scattered Sheep Fellowship Church which is especially geared to those who have been hurt by a pastor or a church in general. This was announced in a previous column, but now with a change of location which is: Iron Horse Elementary School at 4801 Frank Hengel Way in Oakley, California, which is off Cypress Rd. Note this new location. There will be an open house This Friday Night, August 5th from 7 to 9:30 PM. Sunday morning service is at 9 AM.

Att: Readers in Northern California, Especially East County in The Bay Area. Please alert everyone you know in this area to this website: to see news that the local papers refuse to print. They would not print a beautiful story about an unusual WW II Veteran who was buried in Brentwood with full military honors. The unusual part is that it was a woman. Two thousand WW II vets are dying every day. Very soon, none of The Greatest Generation will remain. So this, taking place in East County was a beautiful story that should have been published. Again, this is a very liberal socialist area with no room for patriotism, God or morality.

Another story they turned down was titled, "Wounded Congregation Rises from the Ashes", which was an exclellent follow-up story of a church that had been scandalized by the deeds of its pastor who then committed suicide under the barrage of publicity. This is what journalism is about. To report the news of interest and follow-ups, such as, what is the congregation doing now? So pass the word to your friends and acquaintances in Contra Costa County, California to follow this website: for news of interest to this area that the local papers refuse to print.

Amber Alert Hoax and Why: The Amber alert that interrupted TV and radio programs this past Monday, told of an abducted 16 year old, named Hasaan Ameer Ford who, as the story went, was abducted at gun point during a robbery at Al's Barber Shop in Antioch, California. Hasaan Ameer Ford was a part time employee of the barber shop for the past year and a half. The robber took the car keys of the Barber and ordered young Hasaan Ameer to go get the owners car, then come back to pick him up. This writer had some misgivings about this story as soon as it broke. It turns out that Hasaan Ameer was working with the robber to assist in the armed robbery of his employer who trusted him and had given him a job.

Now, as the late Paul Harvey would say, "Here is the REST of the story!" When the Norway Bomber did his deed, the presstitutes immediately labeled him as a Christian even though that was false. He was not. The same with Timothy McVeigh and going back further, Adoph Hitler, who is still referred to by the Liberal Marxisrt Media as....yep, a Christian, which shows, by golly, that Christianity should be declared illegal.

HOWEVER, this young man who has since been arrested and charged in armed robbery in cahoots with the gunman who betrayed his employer, was never identified with any ideology even though his name, Hasaan Ameer Ford possibly identifies him as Muslim. Oops, can't say that, it might offend Muslims who attacked our country killing thousands of innocent people and have publicly stated that the U.S. will be defeated, overthrown and Sharia law will be put in place.

I'm going out for another long walk. In the meanwhile, check back tomorrow evening for a story about the latest government funding of....the occult!

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