The Need for a Nationwide Grassroots Pastor's Council

Dear Pastor:

There is good reason why we need a nationwide grassroots Pastor's Council. This is a way for us to speak and act in concert. We have associations, denominations, and conventions, but they are not organized primarily for public activism in behalf of our government. The Bible speaks of our duty to obey the rules of our government. We can do that best if we have been actively engaged in helping to make those rules. Our Republic allows us the privilege of making just laws. We can be "nice and reverent" stay in our pews and concede our right to make law to immoral and corrupt politicians. Such unconcern would betray our ministry.

Pastors, called by God, cannot entertain the idea of ungodly leaders having control over our church members. But that can happen and it may be sooner than you think if we are unwilling to step outside our comfort zones and demand godly leaders and righteous law.

Why not unite so we can raise a national voice. By ourselves we are like those who would cry in the wilderness. It will take a lot of courage to step into the arena of activism, but what is the alternative. Someone asks, "Must we be carried on pillows of comfort and ease and by neglect hold contempt for those who sailed through bloody seas" to give us the greatest government in all of mankind's history.

We are organizing for a militant witness as opposed to a passive whining witness for the purpose of encouraging our congregations to take public stands in behalf of freedom and religious freedom in particular. We can make things happen if we act in unison. Our window of opportunity is still open. It must be raised higher. Shame on us if we let it close.

Praying the Lord's best for you, I am

Sincerely Yours,

Billy McCormack

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