National Unity After 9-11 Shattered by One man

An almost eerie feeling of unity swept across America in the aftermath of 9-11. Churches kept their doors open so people could come in at any hour to pray. The nation was back on its knees, reaching out to God, whom they had become careless with over the years.

Prayer services took place in The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Yankee Stadium in New York City hosted full capacity attendence for theirs, and churches throughout America were filled on Sunday mornings and mid-week services.

We began to re-think who we were ordained to be when the original roots of America were planted in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence based on our relationship with God and His Word.

After 9-11, Americans were united in collective outrage and determination to never let this happen again. A woman named, Evelyn Smith said to a newspaper; “The good thing that came out of 9-11 is that all of a sudden, it was OK to pray.” Yes it was.

We began to celebrate renewed strength and good that God lifted out of all of us, to infuse our patriotism with prayer, reconcile ourselves to God and ask for His Hand to again be placed on America.

It was the solid prayer and embracing of God that soothed a grieving nation during the worst time of its history. It was so strong that the atheists did not dare say anything….that is… except one.

When I received the call from the editor of The San Francisco Examiner, I was as stunned at what he told me and asked me to comment on as I had been when I first heard the news of the September 11th attack on our country by Muslims.

The editor said that the 9th District Court of Appeals had just ruled on a lawsuit to declare the Pledge of Allegiance illegal since it contained the phrase, “under God.” That lawsuit had been filed earlier by Sacramento Atheist, Michael Newdow, who had declared war on God.

Now mind you, it was only a few weeks after the attack happened. We were still digging up our dead in New York. America was finally reunited after several decades of division over a totally bogus interpretation of a phrase not even in the Constitution called, “Separation of Church and State.”

And this was a time when America was stirred by a new infusion of patriotism which gave us super strength as a nation. The glorious time of reconciliation, prayer and love of country was shattered by this one man who hated God.

The initial division of The United States begain in 1963 when prayer in our public schools was ruled illegal. That divide became wider, more heated even volitile over the years as emboldened atheists became more and more vocal.

Newdow, whose life seemed to be centered on suing everybody, including this writer, was on a quest to silence all prayers and ministers.

With his win in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the nation again began to question the arguments about Church and State. The morale of the nation plunged to a new low as citizens were once again pitted against one another arguing over public prayer and separating God from the State. Patriotism became a casualty. And America was weakened again. Thanks to Mr. Newdow.

Readers, please study this carefully. We must be united. When I was a schoolboy, during a time of prayer in the schools, we were aware of the kids who did not go to church. While we thought that strange, during my school years there was not one atheist kid EVER mistreated because he or she was an atheist. We all played together and studied together.

The schools then were safe for ALL students because we asked God’s Hand to be upon us.

We must bring this back. Preachers, first of all, live your lives as true Christians. Preach a pure uncompromising Gospel. People will listen only if your life lines up with what you are preaching.

Get rid of your 501c3 tax exemption. By allowing the government to be a partner in your ministry. they can dictate what you can preach and what you cannot preach. This is not acceptabale to people of God.

People should give to the church, not for a tax deduction or any other kind of financial favor, but simply to support a church where God’s Word is preached and the people strengthened. That is the purity of giving that should never waver.

And by the way, churches can still give a charitable tax deduction receipt for support for the ministry with the mission statement included.

Let all Americans be determined to see The United States again be one nation under God, the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Let us not let ANYONE deter us from that path again.

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