National security wins in Supreme Court over Obama's radicals

The United States Supreme Court handed down a very commonsense decision last Wednesday which the overwhelming majority of Americans would agree with and which collides with the viewpoints of many of Barack Obama's supporters.  The nation's top court ruled that military training is far more important than some left-wingers' desire to protect whales from the United States Navy's sonar use in hunting enemy submarines near California's coast. 

Chief Justice John Roberts  --  one of President George W. Bush's 3 top best decisions (along with Justice Samuel Alito and keeping America safe from another 9-11 attack during the past 7 years)  --  wrote the majority opinion last week.  Chief Justice Roberts said in his written opinion that "... forcing the Navy to deploy an inadequately trained anti-submarine force jeopardizes the safety of the fleet." 

The majority (he was joined by Alito and Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas) said in their opinion that the overall public interest tips strongly in favor of the Navy.  The absolute scary thing to think about is what if John Kerry had appointed the replacements for Chief Justice Rehnquist and Sandra O'Connor instead of President Bush replacing them with Roberts and Alito.  Is there any doubt Kerry would have replaced them with justices in the mold which Obama has promised his radical supporters:  i.e. former ACLU top executive Ruth Ginsburg-types and Stephen Breyer-types? 

According to the Associated Press, the majority agreed with the Bush Administration that there is little evidence of harm to marine life, including the whales, in more than 40 years of Navy exercises using sonar.  The majority also said that the federal courts abused their discretion by forcing the Navy to limit sonar use in some cases while not being able to use it at all in other cases. 

The Navy says the area off southern California is the only location on the West Coast that is relatively close to land, air and sea bases as well as amphibious landing areas.  It is the ideal area to conduct such exercises. Chief Justice Roberts said in his opinion that America's enemies have hundreds of nearly silent diesel-electric submarines and these submarines can stealthily sneak weapons (dirty bombs; neutron bombs?) close to America's coastlines.  President Bush naturally wanted the United States Navy to conduct training exercises so they will be able to detect these enemy submarines before they strike at America's cities. 

Keeping the Navy from using sonar is no way to run the United States Navy and to provide for the common defense of all Americans.  Naturally enough, Justices Ginsburg and President Bush 41's worst mistake  --  by far  -- David Souder who has disagreed with the conservative, i.e. commonsense, position 99% of the time, if not more, voted against the majority.  And those are the kind of judges which Obama has promised liberals to put on the federal court during the next four years. 

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