Most unpopular Supreme Court justice in history confirmed

The United States Senate, to its great discredit, confirmed to the nation's highest court, probably the most unpopular Supreme Court justice an American president has ever nominated.  Today, by a margin of 68-31, the Senate confirmed Barack Obama's left-wing nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, to the United States Supreme Court.  Even President George H. W. Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas, was more popular amongst the American people than is Sonia Sotomayor.   

Obama's nominee received the highest number of no votes for any nominee to the Supreme Court picked by a Democrat president since 1894, some 115 years ago.  The remarkable fact is that Obama has a 60-vote majority in the United States Senate.  On the other hand, Chief Justice John Roberts, President George W. Bush's nominee to the top court, received 78 yes votes.   

Mentioned in a memorandum distributed by the Judicial Confirmation Network today is the fact that just two months after Obama nominated Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the American people have turned against Obama's nominee by astounding numbers.  Fewer than half of Americans support Sotomayor being elevated from the federal circuit court of appeals to the Supreme Court, with just as many Americans opposing her elevation.  Hispanic voters were just about equally divided after her 3 days of disastrous Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.  

Conservative members of the Senate Judiciary Committee actually forced Sotomayor into disavowing her terrible record of legislating from the bench and her racist statements about Latina women having better judicial temperament than do white males.   

According to the Judicial Confirmation Network, "Barack Obama repeatedly stated -- as a Senator, a candidate, and as President - that he believes judges should decide  'the difficult cases'  based upon the judge's own personal views, experiences, and beliefs - what he sometimes called  'empathy'  or what is in the judge's  'heart'  - instead of what is written in the laws of our democratic society.  We have known for some time that the American people overwhelmingly reject this liberal judicial activist philosophy of the courts. 

 " What we did not expect - and what was, frankly, shocking - was Judge Sotomayor's flat rejection of the Obama judicial philosophy on the witness stand before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  She set forth a view of the role of the Court that matched that of Chief Justice John G. Roberts and President George W. Bush." 

Even the most conservative Democrat Senator in the Senate, Ben Nelson from Nebraska, has now concluded that Sonia Sotomayor is "not an activist," although that of course remains to be seen.  If Sotomayor suddenly begins to legislate from the bench as the left-wing justice she replaces on the court, David Souter  --  appointed by Republican president, George H. W. Bush  --  has done for decades, Sotomayor will have exposed to the country the extent of her deceitfulness. 

The bottom line is that the American people do not want judges legislating from the bench.  Legislating is the job of the United States Congress and the state legislatures.  In the future, presidents of both parties will need to carefully select their nominees to the Supreme Court and lower courts to prevent future fiascos such as Obama's Sotomayor nomination. 

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