Most people think government is "broken"

There's a new poll out by Fox News/Opinion Dynamics which, if you're an elected official, probably won't give you warm, fuzzy feelings.  If you're an average American however, it will probably seem all too familiar.

The bottom line?  A majority of Americans have lost faith in government.  In fact, it's a pretty large majority.  The poll finds that 58% of voters say that the government is "broken".  Only 9% say it's working "pretty well", while 30% believe that government functions "just okay".  Of course, the differences are more pronounced when you take party ID into account, as 75% of Republicans see the government as "broken", but only 37% of Democrats would agree.

But what's more interesting is how the all important "independents" see things.  And, given that independents are usually the balance of power in most elections, the news isn't good for politicians.  The results show an incredible 69% of independents agreeing with the notion that government is "broken".  Better still one out of ever six voters consider themselves to be a part of the Tea Party movement.

If you think that, with such a large percentage of people believing that government is "broken", opinions of Congress can't be all that high either, you'd be right.  In fact voters disapprove of the job Congress is doing by a margin of 3 to 1, (68% to 22%).

The interest (and resulting energy) in the upcoming elections is also working against the Democrats.  When asking how interested various groups were in this year's elections, they found the following percentages in each group indicating they were "extremely interested":

  • Democrats: 20%
  • Independents: 31%
  • Republicans: 42%
  • Tea Party: 58%

Again, not good news for incumbents...especially the incumbent majority.


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