More people likely to contribute time or money to campaigns this year

Add one more to the ongoing list of side-effects of ObamaCare: increased likelihood of Americans getting involved in politics.

In what is surely not music to the ears of congressional Democrats, a new Rasmussen poll, 38% of voters say that they are "more likely to contribute time or money to a political campaign this year compared to previous years".

The poll also indicates that this newfound activism is more likely to benefit the GOP, if for no other reason that it finds Republicans with a seven point lead on the "generic ballot" question, where voters are asked which party's candidate they would support for Congress if the election were held today.  46% chose the GOP, while 39% picked the Democrats.  Republicans have lead Democrats on that question in this poll since June of last year...which is about the time the health care debate heated up.

This is also the same poll that shows 54% of Americans favoring the repeal of ObamaCare, 53% trusting Republicans more than Democrats on the health care issue and, this is the kicker, 48% of voters say that their own political views are closer to the average Tea Party member than Barack Obama's.  Only 44% said their views were closer to the President's.

Again, when you look at poll results like this, Democrats can't exactly find comfort in the fact that voters now find themselves more likely to volunteer and give money to political candidates than in the past.



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