Moral Combat: Video Game Instructs Players to Kill Bachmann

Remember the good ‘ole days when a great video game consisted of two Italians from Brooklyn defending a mushroom kingdom? Well, those days are over and video games have taken on new visual and political dimensions. A new video game, Tea Party Zombies Must Die, directs players to hunt and brutally kill Tea Party leaders including Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. In this first-person shooter, players are equipped with firearms and crowbars as their pursuit leads throughout Fox Studies hunting conservatives. (1) This video game is so disgraceful, that even Keith Olberman wants to boycott it. (2) Now you know it’s bad.

The mastermind behind this appalling video game is Jason Oda, a New York-based developer with Starving Eyes Viral Avergaming. While Oda is hiding behind the Frist Amendment claiming free speech, many others are defending his creation by claiming that an entertainment outlet will not insight anger or encourage violence in those who routinely play video games - teenagers. This argument is dead wrong.

Like hate-filled hip hop songs and blood-bath movies, video games can have frightening impacts on youth, especially those between ages 11 to 13.(3) Roger S. Smith, author of A Universal Child, reveals more studies on video games have exposed disturbing effects on a magnitude of youth and warns that video games produce long-term effects on a child’s development.(4) Youth who routinely conduct virtual slayings in first-person shooter games, like Tea Party Zombies Must Die, will become hardened to the realities of murder, war and terror.(5)

Video games are so impactful that radical terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah use them to develop and recruiting young terrorists. In February of 2003, Hezbollah was the first radical terrorist group to create a computer game for teenagers. Hezbollah’s video game, Special Force, is a one-person shooter entailing military operations against Israeli soldiers. One feature of the game allows a player to practice their sniper skills on former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. 6 This game is strikingly similar to Oda’s quest against conservatives. If radical terrorists group Hezbollah can understand the strong influence politically-driven video games have on our kids, then so must Americans.

We’ve already seen how dangerous aggravated youth can be with recent flash mob outbreaks in London, Greece and Philadelphia. Do we really want to contribute to this senseless barbarity by condoning violent video games with leftist political messages? Of course not! We must boldly denounce Oda’s Tea Party Zombies Must Die and other developers with extreme political motives that will instill hostility in our children. As parents and concerned Americans, it is our responsibility to take a stand and protect the development and future of our children and our country.



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