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The website, has grown considerabley with heavy traffic. News editors are picking up and publishing many of the breaking stories here, which they are free to do. The story, “Incredible Veteran’s Day Parade in Antioch,” really hit a responsive chord. It was published all over the world, including the newspaper, U.S.A. Today. The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood (along with the follow-up stories) was listed in the top stories of 2010 by The Press in Brentwood. Editor Rick Lemyre makes it clear that this doesn’t mean most “important” but most ‘interesting and unusual,” which MilesTones is all about.

Tom Barnridge in his column in The Contra Costa Times (1/2/11) called the event of the famous chickens, Henny and Penny;  “Our favorite controversy” (of 2010). He even mentioned the cranky neighbor who complained that the “chickens poop 1000 times a day!” (which is a lot of .....ah forget it!)  prompting Mr. Bandridge to ask, “We wonder who did the counting?” Yep, that would take a lot of backyard surveilance. Anyway,  Henny and Penny were pleased by Mr. Barnridge’s mention.

That story burst forth after a woman complained about her neighbor having two egg laying hens in her back yard. She raised such a fuss that the Building and Planning Commission held a hearing and it was to next go to The Brentwood City Council. MilesTones could not resist this home-spun tale involving the fuss over the two chickens which was published in The Press, and The Contra Costa Times with follow up stories. Everyone got quite a cackle out of it.

The story was picked up and published nationally and TV stations spotlighted the perilous plight of the hens on the evening news. This writer actually interviewed the two hens, Henny and Penny, the center of the controversy, my favorite interview, which can be seen on: Scroll down to Interview story (January 2010 section), where you will see direct quotes along with photos of the interview with the two hens.

Small Size Briefs:  A U.S. Navy Captain got busted for filming and taking part in a vulgar video which got out on the internet. For us, the REAL story is the culprit’s name: Captain Owen HONORS! ...This website was the only one to break the story of the Pledge of Alligiance being removed from an Idaho Public School after a Muslim female complained [that] saying The Pledge (in America) offended her Islamic Faith. (!) You didn’t see one word about this in the liberal controlled media.  Here is yet ANOTHER story that was NOT coverered in the leftist news media of America...We heard about THIS one fromThe Mail Online in Europe, about THIS happening in Minnesota: Santa Claus was dis-invited from DELVERING PRESENTS TO CHILDREN at St. Peter’s Head Start Programme in Minnesota because of a complaint from a Muslim family, so, Santa, Father Christmas, was kicked out of a Christmas party… another censored story that had to be found in Europe, since it was not mentioned in America, except here…and Berkeley, never letting us down came through again. The City Council voted unanimously to employ a resolution that would declare gay soldier, PFC Robert Manning, who leaked national security information to Wikileaks, a hero and called for his release from The Brig.  Bob Meola, the peace and justice commissioner of Berkeley, authored the resolution that called Manning a patriot deserving of a medal.

And as the wind howled in the ice and snow storms paralyzing and freezing the world, Time Magazine created a howler of its own. Their cover story of the month is: “Holiday Blizzard: More Signs of Global Warming.”  How’s that again? Yep, we’re all freezing to death because of global warming.  I won’t even go into that nutcake “scientific” explanation that was given in this once distinguished magazine to legitimize the scam that is intended to work toward implementing a global tax that will make leaders of the U.N. and Al Gore, their frontman, unspeakabley wealthy.

As soon as the Arizona shootings erurpted killing 6 and wounding dozens of others including Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, the intended target, ABC TV News immediately went on the air to report on it. One ABC reporter asked another one, “Did Congresswoman Giffords have any known enemies?” to which the other answered, “Of course, the entire Tea Party!”  Beg pardon? The Tea Party tried to assasinate her and kill everybody else in the process? This kind of political accusation, (using a good crisis, as it is termed in Marxism) is totally irresponsible and outrageous. The shooter, Jared Loughner, is and was a nut job period. He did not watch the news nor was he affected by it.  He was described as a far leftist whose favorite books were: Mein Kampt and The Communist Manifesto. THIS is who the shooter was.

And it is ironic that one of the wounded in that Arizona masacre,  Eric Fuller (63) who was shot in the leg and back, disrupted a Town Hall Tea Party Meeting in Tucson which was being taped for a special, This Week, program with victims of the shooting, titled, After the Tragedy. Sitting on the front row, he loudly booed as Republican State Representative, Terri Proud spoke and when Tea Party Spokesman, Trent Humphries suggested that talks of gun control should be delayed until the dead are buried, Fuller jumped out of his seat, clicked a photo of Humphries and screamed, “You’re Dead!”  He was hustled out of the building and involuntarily committed to a psyche ward for an indefinite time. The Tea Party had nothing to do with the shooting, even though the same network that was taping the special in St. Odilias Catholic Church strongly implied that in their coverage right after the rampage.

ATTENTION LIBERAL MEDIA! The shooter was NOT a conservative, not a tea partier, but a leftist Marxist Nazi young man who felt that Congresswoman Giffords had snubbed him for not giving him the answer to his question that he wanted at a previous meeting held by Ms. Giffords and he had been steaming over this perceived slight until he carried out the shootings.

The Coptic Christians in Egypt undergo daily suffereing and threats. Readers are familiar with the current stories of attacks and murders of Christians by Muslims, including those murdered following a midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The Coptic Christians are very good people, among the original Christians who have a deep love of Jesus, know their Bible and can ask profound questions regarding Holy Scriptures.

They are a peaceful people, yet the Muslims hate them without cause. Christians in Egypt are required to pay a “tax” every payday to Muslims, a tax that only applies to Christians. A friend of mine in Northern California is a Coptic Christian whose saddened face reflected something terrible when I visited him. He told me that he had just been notified that a friend of his in Egypt had been murdered two hours before. The Muslims demanded more and more taxes, now demanded his entire pay check. The man called the police, who came, sided with the Muslims and helped them to throw him out the window of his apartment to his death. This is what our government is offering us unless we take a firm stand to prevent it from happening.

Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, California is joining other churches around the nation in a 21 day fast while praying for God to be back over our country and for revival of our churches. The events of Saturday, Janurary 8, 2011 and the wanton shooting and murders shows how chaotic our nation has become after kicking God out of our schools and out of public life.  The fast begins Janurary 24th. America’s Good News, published by Mountain View Christian Center, editor, Pastor Will Byrns, is an excellent Christian Newspaper and can be seen by going to:  The stories are powerful with great writers that will encourage the saints.

In closing: This past weekend, Shirley and I went to Monterey to stay in a hotel right on the beach, and we would also visit Carmel, thanks to a wonderful son who made all the arrangements. This was a very special time for us. Shirley had undergone serious surgery three months ago which was extremely difficult. They did get all the cancer but the recovery was not easy. As we walked hand in hand on the beach, with the soothing sounds of the ocean washing up near us, we felt this was the time we had looked so forward to—a time of looking BACK on that trying time and now seeing the healing successfully in the process of completing itself. It was also a time of rejoicing prayer. My personal thanks and gratitude to all of you who lifted her up in prayer during that time.

Rev. Austin and Shirley Miles on a Very Special Day

Rev. Austin and Shirley Miles on a Very Special Day

One problem with that weekend trip; Shirley insisted that I not go on line to write or even check email or news during that weekend. We were only to relax.  It was a ferocious struggle. What if we got back home and I found an email from Nigeria informing me that if I responded the day before within a half hour with all my banking and credit card information they would deposit a million bucks in my checking acount?  Good thing that didn’t happen as it would have caused great contention in our household.


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