MilesTones--Cross Debate Cacophony-Football Players in Lingerie & More

Passionate arguments filled the chambers and hallways of the US Supreme Court yesterday as lawyers clashed with lawyers and judges clashed with each other...all over a little cross that stands in a remote section of The Mojave Desert. The loudest voice heard was the voice of The ACLU.  Sudden Thawt Department:***Two groups especially fear and hate the Cross of Jesus.....Vampires...and...The ACLU.  Can't help but wonder if....could be.  

Since this dispute first started, The ACLU, which is a Communist organization, demanded that until this is settled, the cross must be be covered. And so it came to pass....first with a sack...and then, as it stands currently, covered with plywood so that the dangerous symbol cannot be seen. Which gives a new meaning to 'cross dressing.'

----Obama announced that he may give bailout money for the newspapers of Amerika, which has caused critics to fear that this would give Obama ownership of the media. MilesTones thawt that he already owned them.

-----Obama's Regulatory Czar (the title, Czar was never used in the United States before Obama's determined 'change,' to turn America over to Marxist Socialist rule), Cass Sunstein, an openly admitted communism supporter, stated that racism is to blame for the difficulty in making America a socialist country since the white majority do not want African Americans and Hispanics to benefit from the sharing of the wealth. (!) Sunstein said at a conference in Yale University Law School in 2005, that he seeks "to change the nature and interpretation of the Constitution by the year 2020."  We don't think so.

----A new women's football team wearing lingerie has been formed, titled, The Lingerie Football League (LFL).  The scanty clad players (they do wear helmets...but little else) have scheduled their first game which will pit New York Majesty against Philadelphia Passion. That should get the blood circulating.  MilesTones wonders how they would do against a team of lawyers with their briefs. In any case, we will take a pass on this.

 --- And now with a chuckle over the real news of the morning, we are ready to tackle the day ahead.  

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