MilesTones--Breaking! Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood Updated--fumbling dems--dotted lines...and More...

The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood (see story on this website) has egged on the nation to arise and push Rights For Hens! The Brentwood incident started over a woman who kept two hens in her backyard which outraged a neighbor who charged the hens with poop-bombing HER yard which would bring fatal diseases into her house and throughout the neighborhood. The dispute was heard before the Brentwood planning Commission which spurred the nation to action. At the same time, a similar case was brought in Oakland where the hens won...YES...and resulted in Oakland declaring itself a "Chicken Friendly City." As reported by the Contra Costa Times (1/10/10), since the declaration the sounds of saws and hammers can be heard in the backyards of Oakland as everyone is now building chicken coops. California has finally advanced.

The Dotted Lines:  It is so cold in Florida that you can now get your frozen orange juice right off the tree...Pittsburgh's Helen Trautman of, Results Unlimited, sent us an item about White House Budget Director Peter Orizag who announced his engagement to an ABC news reporter, six weeks after his girlfriend gave birth to his baby. Ms. Trautman commented, "Of course, people were shocked that the White House HAS a budget director." MilesTones is even MORE shocked to learn that a MAN in Obama's Administration likes WOMEN!...Democrats are fumbling so badly that several media outlets are suggesting that it appears the dems are trying to commit suicide. There is a bright side; If they have difficulty doing it, the health care plan they are pushing will help them....The PUBLIX Grocery stores in the southern states went up the wrong aisle when they produced and distributed their new 2010 Calender in their 1,400 stores. Their calendar scrubbed Pearl Harbor Day from December 7th and replaced it with Islam New Year. So for PUBLIX, they kick out an American Day of Remembrance for an Islam Holiday. As for me and my house, whenever I am in that territory, I will bag my groceries elsewhere and urge everyone else to mark-et on their boycott list. Other calendars should be checked.

New college in Oakland first ever to to give courses on Marijuana.  Oaksterdam University just opened in Oakland, combining their city name with Amsterdam that celebrates Marijuana. To show it is legit they describe it as a Cannabis College to learn how to harvest and produce medical marijuana. The new university occupies a three story 30,000 ft.building where it can enroll up to 100 students at a time for the course. MilesTons figures that each graduation takes place when the supply runs out. Gives a new meaning to higher education. Only in California

A more somber note. Pastor Ed Berkey (Ret.) sent us an alert that the corruption of our school children is entering in an unguarded side door, via a book that instructs readers that there is no right or wrong.  Promoted by...of course...Oprah, this book titled, "Conversations with God", written by Neal D. Walsch, came NOT by inspiration from heaven, but inspiration from the opposite direction. This book with the deceptive Christian sounding title, slips into the schools through The Scholastic Book Club, a school book distributer that we need to check closely. Kick those things as far out of the schools as possible. According to Rev. Berkey, James Dobson exposed this book on his radio program.

 Time to go for another walk.

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