MilesTones: Note to Atheist--Kentucky U. Holocaust Update--Dating Site Forced To Offer Same Sex hookups? and more

NOTE TO AN ATHEIST: The Christian Post (CP) received a response from an atheist regarding their story, Os Guiness Calls for New Christian Renaisance, with a science reference. An atheist retorted, "It'll Never happen. The Fundies Hate Science." How's that again?

I sent a quick response which was up for about 10 seconds and it was immediately scrubbed. CP, that obviously has taken the Christianity Today liberal path, then blocked me from any access to their site, refusing to let me post anything.

Since I host the website; with over 231,000 visitors, plus being picked up on news sites all over the world, we will publish the response that Christian Post refuses to do:

"I cannot allow the above response by Walter Valez, to conclude the discusion. The "Fundies" whom you falsely state, "hate science," are actually the FATHERS of science; Galileo, Newton, Pascal, Einstein (yes he believed in God) along with later "fundies" like Gregor Mendel who discovered Genetics later named, DNA. Mendel, a Czech monk was one of those ‘fundies' who "hate science.(?) This doesn't include the ‘fundies' who contributed to the law, and government formation like, Blackstone, and Locke or those who contributed to philosophy. Atheists, when you attempt to disparage and lie about Christianity, I urge you to do it with some degree of intellignece. Rev. Austin Miles."

UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY HOLOCAUST UPDATE: We recieved a very respectful email from Erin Holaday Ziegler, of the Public Relations Department of the University of Kentucky, letting us know that the story about cancelling the Holocaust class because it offended Muslims was a rumor. A hoax.

This story, sent to us by trusted contributor, Rev. Ed Berkey, Ret., was taken at face value with good reason. Not long ago, a school in Idaho axed the Pledge of Allegiance over a complaint by a single Muslim female student.

The school fired off insulting, rude, angry emails to us stating that it was all a lie. What they did not know was that I WAS IN IDAHO when it happened and talked to some students of that school who were very upset over it. So it was the school that lied. Not us. We published he hostile disrespectul letters from school staff world wide. The letters were crudely written by teachers, who should set a better example. We leaned long ago that you will never find a more angry person than a person in the wrong.

The fact that the story of the cancelled Holocaust class had been debunked by Snopes and Truth of Fiction did not impress us. Those two sites latch on to a story of national importance, hijack it as their own as they skewer it, bringing all the attention to themselves to increase visitor traffic so they get more advertising dollars. THEY are the real hoax.

They did this to me when I broke the story, "Public Schools Embrace Islam-A Shocker!" which revealed the mandatory course on Islam for 7th graders that had been quielty slipped into the public schools not long after 9-11.

The story outraged the world. Snopes and Truth or Fiction immediately grabbed this extremely important story that proved a threat to our national security and declared it fiction, keeping it out of the mainstream media, They refused to look at the proof I had which was solid and later got the California School Superintendant fired.

What's more, Rich Buhler who ran Truth or Fiction went so far as to send a personal four page hate letter to me that prompted Dan Wooding of Assist News Service to state to him that this was the most vicious hate letter and attack on someone that he had ever seen. Buhler later was struck with cancer and it is possible that he is now dead.

Even worse, Some "Christian" organizations that lean to the left, joined in trying to silence the story including, Christianity Today. the Chuck Colson organization, and Forrest Turpen who headed the International Christian Educataors Association that would be least expected to be in league with those who would destroy America.

Middle Eastern Expert, Daniel Pipes who writes for major newspapers including The New York Post and Jerusalem Post published my findings after seeing the unmistakable proof. The overall public was finally made aware of this program that would eventually recruit school children for suicide bombers. One six year old girl wasn't even given a choice. This week, a six year old child in The Middle East was kidnapped to be made a suicide bomber, destined to be blown up by remote at a checkpoint. Happily she was able to escape her captors and is now safe.

The University of Kenutcky sent me a polite, respectful letter with facts showing clearly that the story was a hoax that makes the rounds every so often. It is regrettable that we published that story. We did it in good faith. We will be more careful in the future. This will set the record straight and hopefully, with the coverage we get will stop that rumor once and for all. We thank Erin Ziegler of the University of Kentucky for contacting us. They did not cave in to non-existent Muslim demands. Muslims-sorry that you were made part of something you had nothing to do with. This will correct it.

DATING SITES FORCED TO PROVIDE SAME SEX HOOKUPS? Yes, that happened recently. EHarmony, a Christian based introduction service was sued for not providing introductions to homosexuals. So now the government can dictate what you can provide in your own business? That would be like a jewelry store being forced to sell toilet plungers. Good morning Comrades..

WRAP UP: A listing for The Jerry Springer TV Show yesterday heralded, "How one drink too many at a party affects relationships."

MilesTones notes that the FIRST drink is one drink to many.

Time to go out for another walk..




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