McCain puts American's before Political telepromters and one-liners. PRAY it works!

John McCain has
"suspended" his campaign to address the crisis on Wallstreet that is
sucking Main Street down thru the manhole cover to the sewers.

If this doesn't get the rapt attention of the "non-committed"
voters, nothing will.

If someone is still "non-committed" at this point, then
one would think that their priorities are out of alignment and that means,
money is always their
first priority.

When a presidential candidate has the chutzpah to say in actions, that
the everyday little guy's 401K, retirement fund, the retired persons sole means
of financial survival and the basis of the American economy is BIGGER than a
well---I believe with all my heart that people will STOP -
THINK- and VOTE for the man who truly cares about this nation, and
has Christian ethics.

This move will be especially effective if a bill is passed by
Thursday or Friday that will stop the hemorrhaging of the above-mentioned
financial instruments. While Obama hints that McCain can only do one thing at a
time, and he (Obama) only manages to vote present, PRAY that congress with
McCain’s leadership can and will actually do something to earn their paycheck.






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