Mall Kicks Jesus (Cradle and All) Out of Creche Display!

Mall Kicks Jesus (Cradle and All) Out of Creche Display!

Antioch : CA : USA | Dec 17, 2012 at 4:10 PM PST
Photo by Chaplain Dennis Guinta
Jesus Missing in Action at Mall Creche Display


Photo by Chaplain Dennis Guinta

by Rev. Austin Miles

There was no place for Jesus to lay his little head when he was born. The Inn was full, no room there, so he and his parents wound up in a stable. Now, in Antioch, California, ironically, named for the Biblical city in Syria, the baby Jesus (crib and all), have been kicked out of a Creche Display in a Mall, while at the same time, they are raking in the bucks selling presents for...shhhh..Christmas (without saying that word).. How's that again?

And the Dems say there is no war on Christmas? I returned home last night (Sunday) from a visit to the Somersville Towne Center Mall in Antioch, California. There was a Creche on display, but without the crib and The Baby Jesus. Censored out. There was a small paper on a stand stating that Jesus only comes after midnight.(?) The mall of course is closed then. This way nobody will be 'offended' of the sight of Baby Jesus in the manger as they pass by, looking to buy 'Holiday" presents. This has got to be a first.

The "Jesus at midnight," yarn supposedly means that midnight is when he will be born. But never has a creche been displayed without Jesus until now. The Creche symbolizes The Birth of Jesus, NOT showing it before he was born, suggesting that Jesus is yet to come. Convenient way, with fore-thought, to exclude Jesus from sight, which will, of course, be pleasing to Muslims especially.

Mary and Joseph,the parents of Jesus are in the scene along with a shepherd boy and an angel. Since the phony midnight story doesn't jell, the sign implies that the BABY infant Jesus, goes somewhere by himself and returns home after midnight. (?)

"If this is the case", Chaplain Dennis Guinta said to me after viewing it, then Mary and Joseph need to go to parenting class." This nutty explanation shows how mentally disturbed these God-hating democrat atheists are.

Like the old days, it seems like there is no room for Jesus anywhere these days as well. It must be tricky to make the biggest profits of the year by commemorating the birthday of Jesus while being careful not to "offend" anyone by having His name and image visible. The word, hypocrisy comes to mind.

A young woman and her companion approached the creche display, gazed at it with a puzzled look and asked, "Where is the Baby Jesus?" "Removed," I said sadly....."removed."

And during this war against God, the greatest evil of all took place in America when 20 school children were shot to death because we insisted that God be abolished from our lives....the same God that could have been there to protect our children. Atheists, take a bow.

Where God is absent, there is chaos and destruction.