Make Those Who Apologize Apologize for Apologizing

Make Those Who Apologize Apologize for Apologizing

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Obama Apologizes for America


Obama Apologized today...

Commentary by Rev. Austin Miles

Who else is sick and tired of seeing and hearing someone make a comment and then apologize for making it? The continual cacophony of whimpering non-ending apologies, diluted with a mixture of dribble, scribble and gnashing of teeth, can scrape the nerves of even the strongest of the species. Especially when almost everybody in America, it seems, is making sniveling apologies to the world for saying something that someone doesn't like.

One cannot even make a disparaging comment about our enemies without flack. We must speak kindly of them don't you know. Perverting this issue even further, Obama apologized to Muslim leaders for "the arrogance of America," after making a deep waist-bow to them, demonstrating submission of not only himself, but the country he supposedly represents. Obama did NOT apologize to America for apologizing to Muslim leaders for America being America.

It should not be considered verbal suicide to offer an opinion on these shores. The last time I looked, this is still The United States of America. It is time for a new movement: make those who apologize, apologize for apologizing. Now THAT would be constructive.

One individual who would NOT apologize for his views of an issue, even under severe pressure, was and is, Kirk Cameron, the actor who stated that marriage is between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is unnatural and against biblical teaching.

That was on the Piers Morgan show observed by this writer. Cameron was invited as a guest on the Piers Morgan Show on CNN, a spot earlier filled by Larry King. Cameron was there to promote his new documentary, "Monumental", which shows God's monumental role in America's founding.

Morgan immediately hammered Cameron on his view of homosexuals and 'gay marriage,' baiting him into a discussion he did not intend to have. Morgan's intent was to show that Christians are hate filled, meaning that anyone who opposes homosexuality and "gay marriage ' is a bigot. And anyone who is a Christian is just that.

This was a lowbrow move on the part of Morgan, showing not only lack of respect, but a total poverty of manners in conning a guest to appear so he could make that guest look bad and for lying in order to get Cameron on his show by falsely claiming that it was to talk about his new documentary regarding the founding of America. Piers had no intention of doing that. This is misrepresentation, unscrupulous and dishonest as well as unethical..

However, Kirk did not flinch, change his position, or apologize for that position. He held his own and clearly, with great strength and confidence, came out on top. He answered the question honestly and stood by his response. A tip of the beret to Kirk Cameron.

All high profile Christians must realize and be prepared for the homosexual question and discussion, no matter what pretense is given to get you on a program. Be ready.