Before Lunch News-Nobel Peace Prize for Who??

Let's first look at this. While doing the story about internet Phishing schemes, German TV Anchor Anja Charlet on Public Broadcasting ZDT tried to relay how serious this is even though she got the events twisted as she explained it this way:  "The companies Yahoo and Google have also become victims of the so-called Fisting Attacks."  Next we'll see this sign on a closed office door, "Gone Fisting."  And a recent Planet news advisory warned us of an 'Acorn Hazard." We do have that, except this refers to the over abundant crop of acorns in New England which are falling and bopping joggers on the head, whacking gardeners' backsides and cracking vehicle windshields.  Actually it is a similar problem to the one we know of. It is good that some MilesTones popped up before tackling the hard news of the day, including the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The announcement today of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Barack Hussein Obama has left even wordsmiths speechless. Tomorrow night, Saturday, The One will host a banquet and be the keynote speaker for the LGBT (lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender) National Dinner, who will then march the streets of Washington, D.C. on Sunday. The American Humanst Association (AHA) is a backer of the event.

Interesting. When the Muslims were in D.C., Obama had a dinner for them in recognition of the completion of Ramadam this year. But when thousands of Christians came to Washington for National Prayer Day, Obama refused to appear, participate, acknowledge the gathering, send a taped or video message of welcome, or to join them in prayer. His feeble response, "I will go and say a prayer in my office."

He will pray in his office? Which makes one have to ask what god or deity would he pray to? His total disregard for life, furthering the killing of inconvenient babies and coming up with a 'healthkill' plan that would deny life saving treatments for senior citizens and trying to even have the White House Christmas display be sanitized from any Christian reference, makes his nomination a mystery.

Rev. Ed Berkey (Retired) forwarded this email from Windy Sitton who was mayor in Lubbock, Texas who has attended all the White House Christmas parties during both Bush years:
"Thought you might be interested in this information from the White House. We have a friend at church who is a very talented artist. For several years she, among many others, has painted ornaments to be hung on the various White House Christmas trees. The White House sends out an invitation to send an ornament and informs the artists of the theme for the year.

"She got her letter from the White House recently. It said that they would not be called Christmas trees this year. They will be called, Holiday trees. And, to please not send any ornaments painted with a religious theme.

"She was very upset at this development and sent back a reply telling them that she painted the ornaments for Christmas trees and would not be sending any for display that left Christ out of Christmas.

"Just though you should know what the new residents in the White House plan for the future of America. If you missed his statement that, "we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation," this would confirm that he plans to take us away from our religious foundation as quickly as possible."

And this is the individual who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? For what? No doubt for tearing our country into pieces.  He has sold out America to Marxism and Communisim which is an offense of treason. For Obama, homosexuality, Islam, and Marxism is in....Christianity is out.
And then, Christian publications heralded the information that a Rev. Don Richards of Grace United Methodist Church in Canton Ohio will have no church service this Sunday saying that it is time for all the congregation to perform community service projects instead. This idea seems skewed. A church service should never be cancelled. Worshiping God and hearing His word is what strengthens and empowers Christians for any endeavor they face. Skipping over the Sunday Service to do something else not only sets a bad example, but makes the church service itself (worshipping God first),  appear to be the least important event of the day.  It would make more sense to set the day aside, begin it with the church service and THEN go out for the rest of the day to serve the community.
Adding to the chaos, NASA is now bombing the moon....yes, bombing the moon to determine if there is any water there. Trying to prove that life is on other planets and God had nothing to do with creating the universe.
Even though this is a before lunch posting, considering what is going on, I plan to skip lunch. I have lost my appetite, so will go for a long walk instead.


Rev. Austin Miles is a pastor-chaplain in Northern California. Visit his website by going to:

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