Logo Blocked! Obama's Communists Desperately Try To Hide Logo! Furor Over GodBlock UPDATED!

It has suddenly vanished from all news sites--the shocking logo of the new Communist Sponsored software, GodBlock, to block the name, God, from the internet as well as any and all Scripture references or quotations.  

 It created a major STORM when my story was published along with the GodBlock logo which shows the title on a medalion which includes a distinct Hammer & Sickle in the center, which represents the Stalinist Communist party whom Obama represents. This is based upon careful monitoring of Communist Party USA (CPUSA) who make no effort to conceal the close connection they have with the man who was illegally shoe-horned into the Oval Office, along with their determination to take over America.  

That telling logo  not only disappeared from every news-site that published the story, but even the small logo on their website (www.GodBlock.com) absolutely cannot be copied. It has disappeared from all the news releases we sent out and kept in our "Sent" file on my computer, plus, they scrubbed the logo from already published stories on my blogs (including this one as you can see) and all news pick-ups of the story. It is uncanny how they managed to do this.

Obama and the Communist Party mean business when they work to evolve America into a socialist country with totalitarian rule.  And having spent time behind the Iron Curtain, it is horrible!   Here is a web news site that still has my story up with a small version of the logo which you might be able to see by clicking on: http://americandaily.ws/index.php/article/3202  but do it NOW before it is scrubbed from this site as it has been from all others where it was published.

The Obama Communists are running and hiding under their desks because of the strong reaction to the expose of this travesty against God and the American public.   My question is, if something is legitimate, then why try to hide it? Where IS Obama in all of this? We demand some answers NOW! 

Writer's Update Notice: This story was posted at Midnight Eastern. By 10 this morning the logo image had been restored to all sites just as mysteriously.)

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