Liberals Begin Their Annual Christmas Assault

Apparently it is never too early for liberals to begin their annual assault on Christmas and Christian values.  This is at the very same time liberals are urging Muslims to build their Ground Zero Mosque almost across the street from where Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3,000 innocent souls on 9-11, the annivesary of which is this coming Saturday.
Right outside Washington D.C. in Loudoun County, the board of supervisors is considering a proposal to ban all seasonal holiday displays including Christmas trees, manger scenes, Menorahs, etc. on the grounds of the county courthouse.
A group which defends Christians and others in court in religious discrimination cases  --  the Rutherford Institute  --  is speaking out.  Its president, John W. Whitehead, wrote in a letter to the county supervisors that the proposed ban will only serve to heighten community tensions and "could reflect a hostility toward religion on the part of the Board of Supervisors, as well as an intolerance for the diverse makeup of the residents of Loudoun County."
Mr. Whitehead goes on to say in his letter to the Loudoun board, "The U.S. Constitution and jurisprudence make it possible for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to celebrate the diversity within their community by establishing a thriving marketplace of ideas rather than adopting a sanitized, politically correct government message.  Indeed, Loudoun County should lead the way in adopting a model protocol for holiday displays that embodies the spirit of the First Amendment.”

The anti-Christmas hostility by liberal elected officials has only increased during the past decade and it is time for it to stop.  As Mr. Whitehead pointed out,  "Many schools across the country now avoid anything that alludes to the religious celebration of Christmas--such as angels, the baby Jesus, stables and shepherds. In many of the nation’s schools, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, wreaths and candy canes have also been banned as part of the effort to avoid any reference to Christmas, Christ or God. One school even outlawed the colors red and green, saying they were Christmas colors and, thus, illegal."

He added in his letter to the Loudoun county board of supervisors, “This antiseptic, colorless course does not have to be your chosen path. The law clearly falls on the side of allowing holiday displays.”  Americans of all faiths need to keep a watchful eye on their local elected officials as Christmas draws near.

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