Left-wingers' Favorite Group, the United Nations, Pressures Ireland to OK Abortions

The United Nations came up with yet another reason why they should not be getting American tax dollars. Two United Nations committees are trying to pressure Ireland into legalizing the abomination of abortion, most recently in Ireland. It is outrageous that the American people who have had to spend over a trillion dollars to bail out greedy and incompetent Wall Street firms and other financial institutions have to provide over 25% of the funding of this abominable, incompetent and malicious organization. And Ireland is not the only country which the United Nations is trying to force to legalize abortion. It is just one nation of many the U.N. has bullied regarding the issue of abortion.

Thankfully, Congressman Thad McCotter, a pro-life Republican from Michigan has introduced a resolution asking the Congress to condemn these two radical United Nations committees. The other original co-sponsors of the McCotter Resolution are Congressman Chris Smith, the New Jersey Republican Chairman of the bipartisan House Pro-life Caucus and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL.

McCotter's, Smith's and Ros-Lehtinen's resolution "condemns the efforts of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations and the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) to pressure and coerce the democratically elected government of the Republic of Ireland to reduce or eliminate its constitutionally established abortion restrictions." It is interesting to note that this so-called United Nations Human Rights Committee is infested with nations which are the most dictatorial abusers of human rights.

The McCotter Resolution condemns the fact that members of Human Rights Committee and the CEDAW operate without any formal oversight and are entirely unaccountable to the United Nations and its member states. The McCotter Resolution also condemns the United Nations committees for trying to change the text and the meaning of the CEDAW treaty to pretend that it appears to support the abomination of abortion and to actually require its legalization.

The resolution questions the use of American taxpayer funds to finance United Nations activities. It is long past time for the United States of America to drastically decrease its "donations" to the United Nations.

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