Last Roar of the Lion

The Lion of the Senate was lionized by worshipers, politicians, the legal profession and the media after his roar was silenced on August 25th. Everyone expected this as Ted Kennedy had been in a fierce battle with a brain tumor which he fought valiantly. And this writer waited until a respectable time of mourning had taken place before making a comment.  

Every life is valuable to God and there were some solid accomplishments during Ted's lifetime. One which especially stands out is the "Americans with Disabilities" act which, through his work, was made into law in 1990.  

The funeral service was spectacular and well organized in the beautiful Catholic Church in Boston even though Kennedy, in his public and personal life, violated almost every tenet of the catholic faith.  And this lack of respect for the church continued on by his family in the funeral service itself.

His grandson was a "reader" and led a congregational-response prayer, asking God to bless the Government Health Care Plan, for which the congregants would chant, "Lord, hear our prayer." Similar pleas to God asked for 'gay' rights, women's rights (abortion), all answered by the attendees with, "Lord hear our prayer."  Shameless. And Kennedy was one who fought vigorously for the "separation of church and state."  

There were more such things the family asked God's blessing on but by this time my own system shut down with this display of what amounts to blasphemy...and from the pulpit of the Catholic Church! 

As it was, there was a great deal of opposition over him being given a Catholic Christian service and burial, since he pushed for abortion, including the hideous and cruel 'partial birth' abortion, his pushing for "gay rights" and a totally Marxist socialism health care plan on America, which would bring the entire country under the eventual total control of the government.  

Kennedy was pleasant to talk to and could be downright charming. His private life was incredibly outlandish, including the Chappaquiddick horror which killed a young aid to the Senator, Mary Jo Kopechne.

According to reports, they both had been drinking at a campaign party and left together with Ted driving. When the car drove off the bridge into the water, Ted saved himself, leaving the girl in the sinking car gasping for breath until she died.   A death that could have been prevented if Kennedy would have done the morally right thing.

Instead, he got away from there as quickly as possible, leaving her in the car filling with water while he went home. He did not report the accident until a following day.  

When Robert Bork was being questioned while seeking to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Kennedy  gave this one sentence speech to undermine his confirmation: 'Robert Bork's America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids, children could not be taught about evolution,"  he thundered. (?)   

And this man claimed to be a devout catholic? With his other offenses, which were many, he lied about Bork who had none of these ideas that Ted attributed to him. But democrats will stop at nothing to keep any conservative republican out of office.  

 The Lion in The Senate had incredible communications skills and could have indeed been a great leader. He did do some decent things in life but there was nothing "great" about him, which is a pity. He could have been.   

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