Lame Duck President Obama

Never in the history of American presidents, has a second-term president become a lame-duck president as fast as Barack Obama has achieved such an ignoble status; a little over a half year after he took his oath of office.

Two weeks ago, almost all of the “wise men” (and women) on the television networks agreed with each other that Obama would win approval for his war against Syria after he made an announcement that he would do so.  Of course, Obama only did this to save face and to spread the blame around if his attack against Syria became disastrous as it was expected to do. 

For the past two weeks, most of the elite television analysts missed one thing.  The American people were never going to go along with Obama’s attack on Syria which in no way was in America’s vital interests.  Nor, would the American people allow their representatives in Congress to vote for Obama’s war against Syria without severe consequences to their political careers.  The calls to Congress were about 50 to 1 against going to war according to many members of Congress. And now, the pompous and overconfident leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, has put off his scheduled Wednesday vote on Obama’s war resolution; probably indefinitely. 

Secretary of State John Kerry inadvertently threw Obama a lifeline when he was asked in London on Monday what Syria could do to stop an American attack on them.  Kerry declared:  ““He could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week. Turn it over, all of it, without delay, and allow a full and total accounting for that.  But he isn’t about to do it, and it can’t be done, obviously.”

The Obama administration saw that the overwhelming majority of the American people  --  some 69% in the most recent polls  --  had turned against them and now it looks as if Obama and his bipartisan warmongering minority in Congress will grab at the lifeline which Russia’s president Vladimir Putin gave them on Monday after Putin agreed with Kerry’s earlier-in-the-day off-the-cuff proposal to turn Syria’s chemical weapons over to the so-called international “community.”  Apparently, the ever-clever Putin has the assent of Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad in this weapons transfer.

The bottom line in all of this is the American people are going to gain a huge victory because they rose up to tell the Obama administration:  “There is no way you are you going to go to war against Syria.”  But of course, the result of all of this is an even worse loss of face for Barack Obama than what he would have suffered if he did not make good on his “red-line” threat to Syria about not using chemical weapons.

The end result is that America has a very early-in-his-second-term lame-duck president who will not only not get major immigration reform, but his ObamaCare will be severely eroded over the next 3 years, most especially if the Republicans  --  as are now expected  --  gain control of the United States Senate next year and increase their numbers in the House of Representatives. 

Also, out the window for this lame duck president is any hope of any type of gun control legislation; Obama’s dream of closing Guantanamo prison; his desire for increases in the minimum wage and other so-called labor reforms; low-income housing guarantees; and many other second term agenda items for Obama. 

It does not even have to be mentioned but Obama will have to fight congressional Republicans to gain any and all increases in the federal debt ceiling which, by the way, he will have managed to almost double to a whopping $17 trillion.  And if he does gain increases in the federal debt ceiling, Obama will have to give congressional Republicans major reforms and/or cuts in government spending.  All in all, a thoroughly failed presidency.

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