Kagan favors "health" exception for abortion

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan may have accidentally shed some light on her views on abortion by confirming that she supports "health" exceptions to abortion legislation.

Of course abortion advocates usually try to include "health" exceptions in anti-abortion legislation as a way of making the legislation meaningless, as the exceptions almost invariably tend to be large enough as to include anything that deviates from normal, including emotions. 

For her part, Kagan essentially stated that she's just fine with that.  (via LifeNews)

During questioning today, pro-abortion Sen. Diane Feinstein of California asked Kagan, "Do you believe that the constitution requires that the health of the mother be upheld?"

"With respect to abortion generally, I think that the continuing holdings of the Court are that a woman's life and women's health must be protected in any abortion legislation," Kagan responded.

Of course this is the exact opposite conclusion drawn by the Supreme Court in 2007 when it upheld the current ban on partial-birth abortion, (which does not have a "health" exception).

It should also be mentioned (again) here that Kagan worked to oppose passage of the partial birth abortion ban when she worked in the Clinton White House.


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