John Roberts' Tax-Out-of-a-Hat Trick Baffles Conservatives-Amazes Liberals!

John Roberts' Tax-Out-of-a Hat Trick Baffles Conservatives-Amazes Liberals!

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 29, 2012 at 10:44 PM PDT
Photo by Salinas Californian
A Young (pre-reverend) Austin Miles Pulls A Rabbit Out of a Hat At a Luncheon in Salinas, California


Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts is pictured on the front plaza of the Supreme Court in Washington

by Rev. Austin Miles
A magician's secret includes a device called, misdirection, compelling an audience to look where he wants them to look. For example, he takes something from one hand and raises that hand with the object slightly as he gazes at it. This directs the audience to focus on that hand as well, while the other hand is subtly putting something in or taking something out of his pocket, which the audience does not see because their attention is guided elsewhere.

Government officials are especially adept in prestidigitation. Obama, with his legerdemain directs America's attention toward one issue while keeping all attention OFF the more important ones, such as his eligibility issues and his destruction of the economy. Seems to have worked.

With his Obamacare plan, he diverted the gaze from the control issue of that plan which allows the government to make all decisions for citizens, opening the pathway to Communist control, while gazing upon the other hand, which proclaims the excellence of his benevolent plan which will be good for everyone, offering the freedom of universal health care and security for all Americans.

"But," he stated throughout the plowing of this plot, "there is NO tax involved." That was repeated countless times. "However," he said subtly,"to make this fair, those who do not purchase this plan will be penalized." How's that again?

When the healthcare plan hit some rough water facing the Supreme Court decision, an unexpected liberator galloped in on his white horse.

Chief Justice John Roberts, whom we gazed upon as he went through the nomination process, came across as a true conservative who would indeed work to further the ideals of America as envisioned by the Founding Fathers and would judge correctly for the good of America.

Judge Roberts proved to be the greatest magician of them all. He by-passed the Commerce Clause objections, meaning the government cannot constitutionally force anybody to buy a product, and instead, flexed his fingers, reached in his top hat, and pulled out a tax that was not in there before. Great trick.

Justice Roberts said that the Commerce law cannot compel anyone to purchase something the government demands, BUT the Chief Justice opined, "It is perfectly legal and constitutional for Congress to impose a tax on any individual who will not purchase the plan, not a fine or penalty for not buying the government products, mind you, but a TAX which the government has every right to impose. It was a stretch to further Obama who ironically had insulted the Supreme Court Justices who were present at a State of The Union Address.

Chief Justice John Roberts became the swing vote that gave Obamacare the green light to bulldoze all of us, handing victory to Obama, and paving the road for the absolute control of all citizens. Yet, the impression was given at the time of his confirmation hearings that he was conservative.

On the most important issue affecting Americans, Roberts turned his back on the conservatives on the bench and sided with the democrats. Misdirection at its finest. His one vote put Obamacare in the middle of all our lives, which could affect America forever.

It became evident that the court under Roberts had taken a turn to the left when the Immigration Law, SB 1070, was tossed aside earlier, torpedoing all citizenship laws enabling illegals to come and go across our borders, live here, work here, and get immediate benefits with or without identification.

An especially disturbing benefit is the new voting laws striking down any demand for an ID in order to vote. To rquire ID is racist, don't you know. Just come on in and vote for the party that gives all entitlements, paid for by those who work.

As for the tax that Roberts approved to help Obama pass his socialist bill, this is a penalty tax, a tax for not buying what the government sells. This means coercion, a tax under duress,under threats for not obeying. This is kin to Muslim countries where non-Muslims must pay a tax because they are not Muslim and if they do not they are killed. I was present when the call came to a friend of a Coptic Christian from Egypt who was beaten and thrown out a window for that very reason.

This cannot be legal in America. A coerced penalty tax must be re-examined. The entire Obamacare plan was based on fraud and lies to deceive voters by declaring there would be no extra tax for his plan. There is and Judge Roberts helped him get there...for now.

This writer was such a fan of Justice Roberts and his brilliant legal mind that the thought came to make CDs of his confirmation hearings where he proved to be the greatest legal scholar of all time to share with colleges. But it looks like even the best has a price. And the most alert people can be fooled. This writer was.

In the meantime, watch THIS hand...don't take your eyes off of it................