It is not to late to write your representative

The stimulus votes are over and they have been counted, many people did not have the opportunity to get involved. The bill was passed before many could read it. Much of the spending takes place years from now, however don't hold onto the hope that this spending will be stopped.

The 1000 plus page stimulus bill was given an emergency status by Democratic leaders such that it was voted on in less than 24 hours from being made available (it was published in the dark of night before it was voted on in the morning). A fully searchable version may still not be available as some of the agreements between the house and the senate were hand written not typed on what was published on

The bill if examined contains not one or a few but pages and pages of non economic stimulus spending. It is one thing to go to the store because there is no food on the cup board and while at the store purchase dish soap because it is also needed. It is another to purchase next years Christmas gifts using the money for this month's food. You do not need me to tell you what is in the bill as you can look at it yourself and discern what is investment in the economy that creates jobs, and what is just government purchasing products (computers, cars, real estate for mice, ...).

We live in a Republic and those in office have the job to represent us. We live in a country were we have free elections. We enjoy freedom because the country was created to give us freedom. With freedom comes responsibility, our country needs us to vote for our representatives and our representatives need to know what we want and expect from them. Never before in the history of man has communications been so easy, an email can be sent in just a few minutes. This country was not created for the Government to be them and not us.

If you have never written your representative before then this is a good exercise, write a thank you note to somebody who voted against the stimulus. All House Republicans voted against the spending bill and 7 House Democrats who voted no: Bright, DeFazio, Griffith, Minnick, Peterson, Shuler, Taylor. These Blue Dog Fiscal Conservatives (in actions, heart and spirit) need a big thank you — Nearly every Republican Senator.

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