History is Trying to Repeat Itself

I was born in rural Bienville Parish, Louisiana in 1928. The Great Depression was about to surface in a big way. As the son of a Sharecropper I had a head start. People talk about African-Americans who endured the rigors of share cropping, but there were plenty of us white people who suffered the same hardship.

My father literally dug a living out of the dirt. He never complained. He always whistled happily when coming to the house after a long work day. He worked til dark every day and a half day on Saturday. His education was limited. He had only four years of elementary school. Even so he had an appetite for reading. He had little or no money but he subscribed to the morning paper and many times he would suscribe to the evening paper.

He became a fan of Huey P. Long. He was not mesmerized by him, but perhaps Huey would find a way to help poor people like him to get a break in life. As Governor of the State of Louisiana he had blacktopped the roads, made education more accessible to the poor, and brought Louisiana into the 20th Century.

Elected to the U.S. Senate, he had big plans for the entire nation. President Roosvelt had great concerns of Huey's popularity and his quest for the presidency. His message was resonating with depression plaqued people across the country. Some people, to this day, believe FDR arranged his assassination.

Huey, born in a rural parish, identified with people like my father and began to champion an agenda to relieve their burdens. He recoiled at the fact that "some folks were born with more money than he and his children and their children's children could ever dispose of, but that another one would have to be born into a life of starvation."

He advocated that: "We have to distribute wealth every so often, in order that there could not be people starving to death in a land of plenty, as there is in America today. The greed of a few men is such that they think it is necessary that they own everything, and their pleasure consists in the starvation of the masses, and in their possessing things they cannot use, and their children cannot use, but who bask in the splendor of sunlight and wealth, casting darkness and despair and impressing it on everyone else."

Huey preached that the Bible mandated, "every seventh year there shall be a remission of debts; there will be no debts after 7 years." In his speech, Every Man a King, he said that the wealth of the county must be scattered, and you must limit the amount that any one man can own. "Ten men in America today either own directly everything or they have got some kind of mortgage on it. They own the banks, they own the steel mills, they own the railroads, and they have chained the country from one end to the other....Now, we have organized a society, and we call it 'Share Our Wealth Society,' a society with the motto 'EVERY MAN A KING.'

Every man a king, so there would be no such thing as a man or woman who did not have the necessities of life....we propose ... That there should be a guaranty of a family wealth of around $5,000...we will allow no man's fortune to be more than $10,000,000 or $15.000.000....we propose an old-age pension of $30 a month for everyone that is 60 years old."

Huey advocated that man only work 4 or 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and give a man a whole month or even two months off every year if need be. He did say, "Centralized power in the hands of a few, with centralized credit in the hands of a few, is the trouble." All socialists think they can work it out.

Huey P. Long was a very wealthy man. He was unscruplous in his acquiring a fortune and he passed it on to his children and they to their children to this day. Socialist leaders always find a way to get wealth and hand out crumbs to the poor to keep them in line and stay in power.

History is trying to repeat itself. Socialists are preaching the distribution of wealth in the same manner as Huey P. Long, but with a more sophisticated twist. They fain identification with the poor in their efforts to control them. Modern-day Socialists and Communists are well organized in this country. They have been making great strides toward their goal of power and control. Last November's election may have put brakes on their speed, but they will continue to try and subvert America.

History is trying to repeat itself and pick up where Huey left off.

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