He is no Lincoln

Barack Obama can open his presidential campaign in Springfield, Illinois as Abraham Lincoln did. He can take the same railroad route as Abraham Lincoln did during Lincoln's final leg of his journey from Springfield to Washington D.C. for his inauguration. He can dine on replicas of Abraham Lincoln's White House china during the traditional congressional luncheon after his inaugural address. During his oath of office, he can even use the same Bible which was used by Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural in 1861.

But, Barack Obama is no Abraham Lincoln!

Ironically, Obama is not paying homage to any former Democrat president, not even the Kennedy of Camelot fame, but instead, is emulating the greatest Republican president in American history.

How shall we count the ways that Barack Obama differs from Abraham Lincoln? President Lincoln respected the sanctity of life of all Americans, born and unborn. Obama promised during his presidential campaign that his first act as president would be to sign into law the abominably mis-named "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA) which would lead to the slaughter of tens of thousands of more unborn babies.

The infamous Roe v. Wade decision in January 1973 has resulted in the killing of almost 50 million innocent unborn babies and Obama's party has done everything possible to ensure there will be absolutely no restrictions contributing to America's own Holocaust. Obama's premier piece of legislation, FOCA, will ensure the unabated killing of the innocents.

Incidentally, hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans will be marching up Constitution Avenue towards the United States Capitol Building (and Supreme Court) just 2 days after Obama's inauguration parade goes in the opposite direction from the Capitol Building to the White House. Sort of symbolic.

Considering that Barack Obama is America's first black president, or at least half black president, his signing the "Freedom of Choice Act" is an especially heinous act since some 33% of all unborn babies killed in America's abortion chambers are black. His signing this legislation will only lead to the murder of thousands more innocent black babies.

As one who has held 2 black children whose lives were saved during a pro-life "rescue" in the late 1980's -- they are now 20 years old and could even be at Obama's inauguration today -- at aborturaries which resulted in the arrest and jail time for all of us pro-lifers who did the "rescues," i.e. we were emulating Martin Luther King -- who would have been 80 years old yesterday -- in non-violent civil protests (peacefully blocking the entrances to abortion chambers,) Obama's promise to sign FOCA is especially abominable. No poetry intended.

No, Barack Obama is no Abraham Lincoln.

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