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A Blessed Occasion

I will say this of the Presidential Inauguration:  It's a blessed occasion.  Especially when you consider that it's a time for our leaders to hear how we pray for them.

I was greatly encouraged by Rick Warren's prayer and hope that President Obama heard the words that were prayed over him.  I hope that he will take the mantle of the presidency and handle it with great care and conviction.  I pray that he will humble himself before God Almighty and seek God's will for this nation.

People can say all they want about President Bush but I dare say that he was one of the most prayerful president's that this nation has ever had.  He sought the Lord's direction through the Word and personal time with His Savior.

May God continue to bless this nation and not turn His face from us.  Oh, how we need His blessings now more than ever.


Allow me to admit that I'm completely frustrated at the news today that Obama has gone back up in the polls. What's frustrating is listening to the reporters on major networks ask "Why do you think that is?" Why doesn't someone stand up and say "It's because of you!"?

There is no doubt that NBC is for Obama - but I would also submit that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, & Headline News are as well. The only fair reporting we get comes out of Fox News. So if the normal person in our community watches the news they will see and hear great reporting for Obama and negative reporting on McCain & Palin. Is it any wonder that some of these polls show an increase in support nationally for Obama?

The Need to Speak

I have a seperate blog that I do for our church people and those who may be on the outside looking in. What I have discovered in that our church people respond more often when I talk about politics & social issues than on anything else. It's sad that there are laws in place that limit what Pastor's can say from the pulpit.

It doesn't make much sense does it? When I say that I'm pro-God, life, America, fair tax, gun, etc. it seems to me that the direction is clear. These issues are spiritual issues for those of us who make all decisions based upon the convictions we hold. Too many people in the church are selling their birthright for a bowl of this world's soup when they vote economy over morality.

Proud to be a part of the Religous Right!

As I enter this new blogging station (if you will) I want to say that I am proud to be a part of the religous right. Why? Because I think we are right!

This is not a time to apologize for our faith. This is not a time to shrink back on matters that matter. It's time for people of faith to allow their voices to be heard. It's time to forget that age old saying "There are two things you never talk about..." If we fail to talk about religion then we fail to get the gospel to those who need to hear. If we fail to talk about politics then our silence leads the world to believe that we go along with everything they do and say.

I look forward to sharing with you all and joining this fight for the soul of America.

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