Hang Zimmerman: America on Trial

George Zimmerman is behind bars tonight and if the evidence was strong enough to proceed with charges, then justice is in motion. Common sense tells us that mitigating circumstances might be at work here. Before any evidence was made public, the most powerful man in the free world let us know if he only had a son, he might look like the man who was shot. I wonder if the President had an imaginary son with an “Hispanic” woman if he too might resemble someone in this tragedy. Hint (The shooter)

The New & Improved Black Panther party issued a bounty “Dead or Alive” for the apprehension of the shooter before any proof was introduced. The media represented minority portion of the black community has insisted that Trayvon was hunted like a wild animal and executed. They say he was profiled, stalked and extinguished by a relentless predator thirsty for the blood of a black man. The same media, mind you, that refuses to acknowledge the acrimonious rhetoric spewing from circus ring leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and discredited racist like the NAACP and The Congressional Black Caucus.

It is hard to believe the States Attorney and the cowardly powers that be weren't affected by the outrageous movement calling for Zimmerman's head, without having a shred of evidence. The fact that grown men and woman, some supposedly educated and some claiming to be faithful Christians, were exposing erroneous conspiracy theories, going unchallenged by the state run media, may have put the wheels on this decision to arrest Zimmerman.


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