Guns in Schools

When guns are banned in schools, only the students and the crazed in the community carry them for nefarious purposes. Violence throughout the planet is increasing. School violence is escalating. Assaults on teachers are commonplace. Boys are bolder, girls are growing more aggressive. Angry students in their rage concoct lethal schemes to carry out deplorable plots.

The Sword of Damocles dangles over the heads of unsuspecting students. Meanwhile, school administrators and teachers are armed with verbal skills, “Why don’t we all just get along.” Education courses teach them in matters of class disruption, to acquiesce, understand, write up what happened, describe the atmosphere in the classroom, what they could have done to prevent the violence, and what they plan to do in the future to prevent its reoccurrence.

Education gurus have backed teachers into the corner and put a dunce cap on their heads in front of the students. They have been put at the mercy of the most belligerent and whatever happens, “it’s their fault.”

The next step in school anarchy will be a “step up” in violence. Guns and knives will become weapons of choice. Assault rifles and shot guns will suffice for the more sophisticated shooters.

If people need guns to protect themselves in their homes, it makes even more sense to arm well-trained administrators and teachers to carry weapons to protect themselves and defenseless students. Crazy and cowardly kids bent on violence will think twice about shooting up their school if they know a teacher can shoot back. I applaud Superintendent David Thweatt for authorizing his North Texas Teachers “to pack” for their protection.

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