Glenn Beck, Jeremiah Wright's Good works are defendable, Not his "Social Justice" services.

As a dad, I know the joy of a family, and I know the pain of a family when there is discord and members work against each other. I know the love a father has for his children, and his son. I do not know the pain of sacrificing ones son - I do not think I could bear it, nor do I know the pain of discord in the body of the Church felt by our father - Who's love is so great.

The defense for Jeremiah Wright is his 30 years of good works, not his God D--- America Church service. A Christian should not sit in a Church building quietly while such statements are being made - using God name to curse does not Glorify God. Good works in the name of Jesus do. His need for defense came about because the primary race brought him into the public discord. Jeremiah Wright was not going after political ambitions or political power, he was not working as a political figure to pushing a political agenda; He was not involved in changing the policies of the Federal Government - Disagreement with yes, involvement with the President no.

Glenn Beck recently made comments about Social Justice; From the context it is clear he was thinking of Jeremiah Wright, he clearly used Wright's name; But a quotation out of context can be made. I would go farther than Glenn and say if services do not educate or glorify God then one should look for other services.

Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me"

  • If the services glorify the state, look for another service. I did not say if a service honors good works of the state one should leave, that would be a twisting of the my statement. If God was glorified by an action of the state, those involved should receive praise and the glory is to God.
  • If the services glorify the leadership, look for another service. It would again be a twisting to say that leaders who glorify God should not be praised. But when one places leadership hand and hand equal to God that is the process that creates cults.
  • If the services glorify a type of political system or a carnal system, not God, Look for another service. It would be a twisting of my words to say that holding up our country as one country under god means one should leave. No we are a country under God. We live in the world which is under God. Or a twisting to say discussing the roles of business, government, marriage means Glorifying the system.
  • If the services do not match scripture - are not true - look for another service. By all means bring this to the attention of who is giving the service.

As For Me And My House We Will Serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Regarding Social Justice:

I am not against the co-opting of the term; If the term is co-opted to mean eternal justice (which is created by God) then the service would glorify God - All of God's children are priceless. If the term is co-opted to mean giving charity to God's children that would glorify and be obedient to God. But the term has not successfully been co-opted - The meaning of the term by the person who coined it, (made very clear by wikipedia and many dictionaries), is a political system where the is that work done by one person is the same as the work done by another and all work merits the same pay. One does not need to ask God in prayer if such a statement is true; Social Justice dictates all seeds bear fruit without regard to what choice of seed that was planted. Not true if you work to sow weeds you reap weeds. Anyone with any sense looking at just a single person over a course of days can see that the work and effort done is not the even the same by the same person. Social justice has never produced fruit, many nations have tried it. It was planted by Jim Jones, the results were tragic.

I say with the knowledge of the pain of family discord - with love and truth - that I can not defend Jim Wallis's actions as Christ like. Unlike Jeremiah Wright, He has taken another Christian's comments out of context, and (unlike Jeremiah Wright) has used them to create discord in the body of the church by claiming Beck is an anti-christian, and against even Beck's own Church. He is a political figure who is involved with the Federal Government working for a worldly political destination. Unlike Wright, he is the provoker who is creating the discord. He has taken his distortions to the press and to people who have a history of anti-christian propaganda. Glenn's actions more closely resemble Christs than do Jim's.


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