Funding Egypt Riots by Cutting U.S. Military!

Funding Egypt Riots by Cutting U.S. Military !

Cairo : Egypt | Sep 14, 2012 at 7:09 PM PDT
Photo by Ahmed Mahmud
America Financed Riots in Egypt

by Rev. Austin Miles

CAIRO Egypt (9/13/12) Determined to weaken the defense of America against enemies sworn to destroy us, while at the same time strengthening Muslim Jihad against us, Obama is cutting $487 Billion from our military, which will, according to Reuters, eliminate nearly 100,000 ground troops, mothballing ships and trimming air squadrons. And this boneheaded decision was made while America is engaged in a vicious war.

Those cuts will also mean a slash in tactical support for the young men and women sent to the battlefields, including weapons, ammunition and vehicles. Yes, sending them out unprotected.

Meanwhile, Obama is giving the money he cut, to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who at this moment are attacking the American Embassy in Cairo, tore down the U.S Flag, burned it and hoisted up their own flag on this American territory.

Muslims did the same orchestrated attack on the American Consulate in Libya, murdered the Ambassador, Christopher Stevens and killed three of his aids.

The next day, another attack took place in Yemen with the American Flag again being torn down and replaced with a Muslim flag. Four people were killed there.

All of these attacks took place on American Territory, which has the affect of a direct attack on America, and is clearly a declaration of war. It is time to treat it as such.

And who is paying for that war declared on America? Obama with OUR tax dollars taken from our own military defense to give to our enemies.

According to stats provided by Real Clear Conservatives, Obama has been giving Egypt $1.5 Billion every year in "aid." So far, he has given $53.463 Billion to our enemies in Egypt, Pakistan and Sudan to strengthen their military and to embolden them. Again while cutting the strength of our own military.

Future"aid" promised is $42.1 Billion. Foreign Aid for Afghanistan and Iraq is, $11.2. Billion. Yes, the same countries where the Obama Administration trains Muslims for their military and police forces, and, when many receive their weapons after being thoroughly trained, turn those weapons on the American instructors and kill them. It is reported that so far, 22 have been killed by those trained by them. But Obama continues to arm them and train them.

Millions more go to other nations who hate America. Millions that could be of great help to our own military. THIS IS INSANE! However, Obama is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing and the ultimate goal he intends to reach.

Not only has the imposter in the White House destroyed our economy, he is focused on weakening America to the extent that the enemy can simply come in and say, 'we are now in charge.'

There was not a peep from Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein or Schumer about Obama's role in these 9/11 Anniversary attacks. However, one prominent Democrat, Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, DID speak apologize for America. After all, Americans have denigrated lslam, "a great religion," that caused them to attack us.

A great religion? How's that again? A religion that will kill anyone who will not convert and become a Muslim is called by this Democrat "a GREAT religion?

Thanks to Obama and the Democrats, we are not safe in our own country. America has never been in this position before. On Wednesday, Republican Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert spoke to The House, slamming Obama for failing to "protect the U.S. from all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Bob Boyd, host of the national radio program,"Issues in Education," alerted us and sent me the link to the story with a video of the Congressman making that speech in its entirely. Leave it to Texas.

The Texas Congressman is the only one in the house who spoke up on these 9/11 anniversary attacks and directed his remarks to Obama's actions that allowed it. Here is the link:

Obama must be removed from office immediately while there is still time, and put on trial for treason. He long ago sold out this country, empowered our enemies, and publicly bowed to their leaders, What is worse, he has put our sons and daughters in the military on the front lines without the backup necessary for their safety.

It is to be noted that Obama was seen without his wedding band during the Month of Ramadan. Muslim tradition dictates that no jewelery can be worn during that time.

Also, Bo, his dog, was flown in a separate plane, at huge taxpayer expense when he and Michelle went on their many costly vacations. Why a separate plane for Bo? Muslims are forbidden from traveling with a dog.

Remember also when right after the Ft. Hood massacre by a Muslim, Obama was seen praying in a Mosque. Was he proclaiming, "Allahu Akbar?" We published the dated and timed photo. It is time to figure it all out. Wake up America!

And by the way. That YouTube film, that was made six months ago had nothing to do with these uprisings. This was all planned in advance to take place on 9/11 to rub in our faces, the attacks in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania killing thousands of innocent people. Our people.

For more documented information about Obama's scam, read my story: "One Reason to Vote FOR Obama (!), on this news site or by going to: