Allow me to admit that I'm completely frustrated at the news today that Obama has gone back up in the polls. What's frustrating is listening to the reporters on major networks ask "Why do you think that is?" Why doesn't someone stand up and say "It's because of you!"?

There is no doubt that NBC is for Obama - but I would also submit that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, & Headline News are as well. The only fair reporting we get comes out of Fox News. So if the normal person in our community watches the news they will see and hear great reporting for Obama and negative reporting on McCain & Palin. Is it any wonder that some of these polls show an increase in support nationally for Obama?

And yet the spiritual leaders of this world are asked to keep quiet. We are told that we do not have the right to endorse any particular candidate. But it's o.k. for news agencies? AAAHHH!

There is so much negative stuff out there about Obama but we don't hear it. If it wasn't for the internet most of these stories would lie dormant. Bill (We didn't bomb enough) Ayers...Jeremiah Wrong...and a host of other people that Obama has associated himself with over the years continually go unmentioned. But there are 300 investigators in Wasilla, Alaska to dig up dirt on a vp candidate. What is wrong with the media? We used to count on them to give us the insight into things that mattered. We used to count on them to report the news. All the while people at home listen to MSNBC reporters gush like little children every time Obama makes a speech.

There has got to be a change. I'm believing (in the end) that McCain is going to get his message out. I'm hoping it shows up in this debate on Friday. I'm excited to see Obama get away from the teleprompter and have to think on his feet (without doing more than just throwing out one-liners).

So, it's up to us. It's up to people of faith who believe that being pro-life is an important topic. It's up to people who believe i conservative values to make some noise about the real issues of this election.



Don't get too frustrated hawkeye.

John McCain
has "suspended" his campaign to address the crisis on Wallstreet that
is sucking Main Street down thru the manhole cover to the sewers. If this
doesn't get the rapt attention of the "non-committed" voters, nothing

If someone is "non-committed" at this point, then one would think that their priorities are out of alignment and that means, money is always first.

When a presidential candidate has the chutzpah to say in actions, that
this crisis is BIGGER than a campaign----I believe with all my heart that
people will STOP - THINK- and VOTE for the man who truly cares about this
nation and has Christian ethics.

(Fox News approx 5pm)




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