Fox News' left-winger Bob Beckel's life saved by Rick Perry supporter

A Ronald Reagan/Tip O'Neill moment occurred in a restaurant on the island of Manhattan yesterday.  The elderly among us will remember the intense rivalry and feuds which occurred during the day between President Ronald Reagan and the Democrat Speaker of the House from Massachusetts Tip O'Neill.  But at night, these two antagonists would famously swap jokes over a mug of beer.
Today's poisonous partisan political atmosphere  --  accelerated by Barack Obama's hyper-partisanship  --  is far from the comity established between the conservative genial Ronald Reagan and left-wing genial Tip O'Neill.  Obama has relentlessly attacked the Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for his conservative ideas.  Now in recent days, Obama has decided to double-down on his attacks against Republicans.
Obama attacked Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner's lack of a "jobs" bill, intentionally forgetting that Speaker Boehner's Republicans have passed a number of jobs bills including the House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's tremendous jobs bill earlier this year which would have created millions of jobs.  It overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives, but Obama's Democrats, who control the Senate, stopped it dead in its tracks, as they have nearly all bills sent over from the House of Representatives.  In addition, one of the first pieces of legislation the Republicans passed when they re-assumed control of the House of Representatives last January was to repeal the job-killing ObamaCare.
Returning to what happened in that Manhattan restaurant yesterday when the "The Five" co-hosts gathered together for lunch, co-host and left-winger Bob Beckel  --  who, when he was campaign manager for Vice President Walter Mondale in 1984 was responsible for a 49-state loss to President Reagan  --  was choking on a big piece of shrimp.  Roger Ailes, Beckel's boss, attempted the Heimlich Manuever, but could not dislodge the shrimp which was choking Beckel to death.
Then a Rick Perry supporter came to the rescue and using the Heimlich Manuever dislodged the shrimp.  "The Five" cohost, Eric Bolling  --  a former professional baseball player, anchor of a Fox Business Network show, and an early supporter of Governor Perry  --  who has been attacked (mostly unfairly) by Bob  Beckel countless times, graciously tried to change the subject of his heroics many times during the "Fox Five" broadcast yesterday.
Very uncharacteristically, Beckel actually hugged Bolling and graciously gave him credit for saving his life during the "The Five" program last evening before he resumed his partisan political attacks on Bolling.  Some things never change!