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Please take hold of this prayer and stand in the gap for America now!

Taking dominion in Prayer for our Nation!

Thus saith the Lord:

We must go into the Spirit realm if we want to see victory. There are 3 Spirits that we have to take down: "Retaliation" call it down null and inactive. There will be no retaliation over our nation, because of what we have done to protect and liberate people. It is one of the Spirits that is coming after your nation. This is the fall out of the war. A spirit of "fear" is rising up on your nation. ("Without faith it is impossible to please God.") The trouble in America is not taking on the right demons; the right principalities. In Eastern nations, where the war is right now, they have counterfeit, we have truth. He says, my principal when I say, "where 2 or 3 agree on earth, what they pray will be". Well, the enemy have multiplied it with chant, after chant, after chant. They are stirring up the spirit world to our nation to bring up habitation. We are to start taking dominion. I want you to stand against ‘retaliation.' The definition of retaliation is to hurt someone in return. To harm someone in response or revenge for what they have done. Do you not think that the war is going to stir up demons to come against our nation? We have not been doing warfare. We have been doing other things.

Murder, we call down this spirit! Where there is a war, there is murder. There is death. You are to call down those spirits Retaliation, fear, murder and anger; because these spirits have agreement in the spiritual realm. "Come down you deceiving spirits." While watching a secular station on the news, intelligent men were saying it's incredible, if I didn't believe in auras or a ying or a yang, or a karma, it's like a karma is going into operation here?

The Lord said, "It is spiritual warfare". Even the world has recognized this. There is an anointing, such as in the battle of Jezebel, there were spiritual forces together. So people try to do it in the flesh rather than the spirit. We are in spiritual warfare over our nation. Because our nation has been called under God, they're trying to take our nation from ‘under God'. So, that is what the battle is about. If we are not standing over this, and the Word of God says, "if 2 or 3 agree as touching anything in His will, there He is in the midst of it". He is Jehovah Nissi, the God who ALWAYS leads us to triumph! There are thousands, maybe millions of people praying for America.

ANGER, rage and hatred spirits have been called over our nation. That is trying to persuade the election. This election is not about you and me, this election is about America and what it was founded for. This election is about evangelism of the whole world, about missionaries that are sent out. This election is about the destiny of America.

God has a destiny for this Nation, retaliation, fear, murder and anger, these are the spirits. We have to know what we're going after. Say, "this is a nation under God, get behind me Satan". Pray, "our Father, which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on America, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. As we forgive those who trespass against us. And deliver us, for thy Kingdom now and ever. Amen.

Pray this way from now until the end of the election. He said, "I let Christopher Columbus bump into America, he said, "he didn't discover it'. He said, "do you know why I let Columbus bump into America? So it will continue the gospel of my Word. Do you remember why America was founded? It was founded because of Christian persecution, and that is why their coming after this nation.

It is for Christian persecution. His blood is crying out over our nation. (Christ's blood)

We need to put this nation back "under God". We need to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord over the United States of America. And His Word will go forth and be in the soil over this nation. "If my people, called by name, shall humble themselves and pray. I shall hear from Heaven and heal their land". That was Old Testament, and we have a better covenant, with better promises, the living Word of Jesus Christ!

The blood of Jesus Christ covers America. Sacrifice of salvation for our nation. It is so good now in the Northern part of Iraq, many people from Iraq who have moved for fear of their lives are now thinking about going back to Iraq. It is safe, clean, good police department, good hospitals. Lives have been changed over there.

"Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but I will trust in the Lord thy God". The wealth and power of the enemy has no strength over the Lord. "Watch me part the Red Sea, and my people walk off. We have got to understand what this is really about. This is about the gospel. Let's take dominion of America's destiny. 90% of missionaries go out from America. More freedom and finances here than anywhere. Put Satan under your feet, where he belongs. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. This Nation is covered under the wings of the Almighty. Psalm 91. Raise your hands, decree and declare, Father in Heaven, we pray in Jesus name, " I declare that our nation is under you. It will stay under you. I thank you that every weapon that is formed against our nation, your nation, you will pull down. I thank you Father, that you are disarming and breaking the back and causing every stronghold, every demonic assault, every enabling demon, you are breaking it's back and putting confusion into the enemies camp! We send David's sword, by the Spirit and might of the Lord. That Jesus Christ will declare and walk off every inch of our nation and we sprinkle the blood of Jesus fresh over every inch of our nation, over our citizens, over everything you have declared good, alive and well. Father we thank you that you have said, bless those who curse you. So Lord, every curse that has been said over our nation, we stop it we break the effect, we pull out every fiery dart of the enemy. You have no residue and we bless everything and everyone. We will not boomerang. I thank you that there is going to be an exposure. The eyes will be opened. You are the Christ the Son of the Living God. You went to the cross that your cross is sent over every state, nation, person, and every decree that will bring Glory to you alone. Every law that you have decreed, we ask that it would be rebirthed with fresh oil over our boundaries. And we say, Father God our coastlands are being lifted up right now as banners of the blood of Jesus. And Father every election right now. Every demonic strategy is under our feet. And we release Heaven's strategy. Thank you Father God that the eagle of our nation and the dove of the Holy Spirit are flying fresh over the airwaves of our nation. That we will walk in the liberty and the blessings and the covenants of the Lord our God. Father it's not our righteousness. We can't repent enough. We ask for your mercy, and lift up your blood, Jesus. We sprinkle it over your people. Amen.

You and America are loved.


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