FOCA coming "sooner, rather than later" Democrat says

“Sooner, rather than later.”  That’s when a leading Democrat in Congress says they will introduce the radical pro-abortion “Freedom of Choice Act” – a bill which would overturn all current state and federal restrictions on abortion.  No more waiting periods.  No more parental consent.  No more ban on partial-birth abortions.

When President Obama was campaigning for President, he let it be known in no uncertain terms what his position was on abortion.  Within minutes of taking the Oath of Office, the official White House website was changed to add language supporting pro-abortion policies.  Obama has appointed numerous liberals from pro-abortion organizations like Emily’s List and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) to critical positions in the government.

Then we moved on to more taxpayer funding of abortion.  Just days after being sworn in as President, Obama reversed the Bush policy against taxpayer funding for abortions overseas.  Another campaign promise kept.  Congressional liberals even tried to use the “cover” of the economic stimulus bill to provide further taxpayer funding for “family planning” services.

Then we moved on to destruction of human embryos.  Just this week, Obama repaid his pro-abortion supporters by overturning President Bush’s limits on using taxpayer dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research – a practice which destroys human life.And now we hear they will introduce the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) “sooner, rather than later”.

FOCA is Next…

In a speech to Planned Parenthood, Obama exclaimed that making the Freedom of Choice Act the law of the land was so important that it would be “the first thing I’d do as President”.President Obama and the most anti-life Congress in our nation’s history have declared war against the unborn!  Without intense pressure from pro-family Americans, they may very well succeed.

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What is FOCA?

In short, the Freedom of Choice Act is a federal bill that would end almost ALL restrictions on abortion.  It is an unlimited right to tax-payer funded, abortion-on-demand.  And liberals are pushing hard to get is passed.

The “Freedom of Choice Act” would:

  • End parental notification or consent for abortions performed on minors
  • Mandate taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Allow abortions in military hospitals
  • End waiting periods before having an abortion
  • Overturn laws requiring informed consent prior to abortion
  • Deny doctors the right to refuse to perform abortion for religious reasons
  • Force religious affiliated hospitals and facilities to perform abortions
  • Overturn many abortion clinic health regulations
  • Overturn laws prohibiting abortion after the viability of the child
  • Legalize partial-birth abortion

FOCA would overturn the will of the majority of the American people

On each of these issues, the Freedom of Choice Act would overturn restrictions on abortion that are supported by large majorities of Americans.  And it would prevent any further common sense restrictions and regulations on abortion in the future.Tens of thousands of pro-life Americans worked and sacrificed for years to make the few gains we’ve made in fighting abortion.  We cannot allow these hard fought victories to be erased. 

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We simply must “Stop FOCA”!

If you haven't yet, take a moment and join our online campaign to defeat this monstrous legislation.  There you will be able to sign our online petition, forward it to friends, print copies for distribution in churches, and even send personalized fax messages to your members of Congress.We are facing well-funded opposition from pro-abortion and anti-Christian groups that are working to undermine human life and put our government permanently on the side of abortion.That’s why we need every one of our faithful supporters standing with us at this time.

Will you help us give the unborn a voice and carry this campaign forward?

Make a contribution to the Coalition and help us spread the word about our “Stop FOCA” campaign all across the country.  By using web banner ads, radio and newspaper ads – and any way we can spread the word about this critical campaign – we will work to build an army of pro-life supporters to stand in the gap and stop this bill.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL and others have already begun planning their strategies.  They are funded and ready to fight.

Please make a commitment to stand with us today by making your best contribution to our campaign to “Stop FOCA”!

The time for Pro-life Americans to act is now!

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