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Deer Issue Catches Liberalism In Headlights

Early in American history, one was pretty much free to do as one saw fit on one's property so long as it was moral especially if one lived in a rural area where one's actions were not likely to encroach upon the sensibilities of one's neighbors.  However, now it seems the landholdings of the United States in general and private property in specific are for everyone else to decide what to do with except the one to which it is titled.

As of September 1, 2009, the Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries has announced that it is illegal to artificially feed the deer through the first Saturday in January.  This regulation is part of a program to keep the number of deer in check.

In other words, it is hoped that a number of them will starve to death during the winter months.  If pristine, untouched nature is to be the standard by which our actions and decisions are to be judged, then shouldn't we speak plainly as to the policy's goals and intentions?

While the government has every right to set policy as to what it wants done on public lands and in state parks, private property holders should be able to do in regards to this issue on their own lots and in their own yards what they themselves believe best.  Not everyone is going to feed the deer to begin with.

Will Religion Be Forced To Bow At Obama's Feet?

The White House has announced plans to expand its Office of Faith-Based Initiatives.  In an address to the National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama said the office would reach out to nonprofit organizations and "help them determine how to make a bigger impact...and learn their obligations under the law."  From a number of things said in the speech and that have transpired in relation to the economic bailout, those who cherish both religious liberty and sound theology should be deeply concerned.

Under the Bush Administration, those not wanting to pollute the purity of their doctrine by accepting government funds were pretty much free to say "No thank you".  However, under the Obama regime, will reluctant religious organizations be permitted to back out amicably?  Don't be so sure.

In regards to the bailout of the nation's floundering financial institutions, it has been insinuated that Wells Fargo did not want the government's handout but had its arm twisted by Lurch Jr, Hank Paulson into accepting the funds.  For in the glorious opening days of socialism, no organization or individual can be seen as better or sounder than any other without at least some kind of penalty being inflicted.

The Moral Argument For God

The early 21st century stands as a period of profound moral confusion.  On the one hand, mothers and doctors are permitted to crack open the skulls and suck out the brains of nearly-born babies with government sanction under the banner of partial birth abortion.  Should these very same people hike into the woods and crack open a bald eagle egg, they could face serious prison time.

It would therefore seem that contemporary society is marked by two seemingly contradictory extremes --- that of extreme license and that of excessive control.  However, upon closer inspection it could be concluded that these conditions are not as contradictory as the situation might originally appear.  Rather, it would seem each is the result of the systematic removal of the ethical balance provided within the Judeo-Christian tradition with its emphasis upon transcendent standards provided by an infinitely just and loving God.

With the increasing complexity of knowledge and technology, those trained in the acquisition and use of this complex body of thought (those broadly referred to as “intellectuals”) have taken on increased levels of influence and responsibility throughout society.  No longer does agriculture or manufacturing dominate society to the degree it once did. 

Fanatics Plan Halloween Bible & Book Burning

A North Carolina church plans to have a Halloween Bible and book burning.

This might get me branded as a flaming liberal by some, but unless a publication contains blatant smut, there is no excuse to burn books.

Even if translations such as the NIV or New Living Translations are deficient, that is still no excuse to burn them as many of these still possess the power of God unto salvation.

And even if Billy Graham and Rick Warren are deficient theologically, shouldn't we study their works to learn for ourselves where these thinkers have gone astray rather than blindly accept the word of someone that destroys the evidence before we have the chance to judge for ourselves?

If one feels so moved by the Spirit to dispose of a work that one feels has compromised ones conscience, there are ways to part with the offending text that don't draw attention.  What one is actually saying at a public book burning is that no one else should be allowed to read the book either.

Unless one's faith is anchored in the Savior rather than the church, this outrage is almost enough to make one to want to leave Christianity.

by Frederick Meekins

Organ Thieves, Hyperfeminized Football & White House Maoists

Congress is considering authorization of a tax deduction for pet expenses of up to $3500.  Frankly, if you can’t afford to pay for your pet, you have no business owning a pet.  Why should the rest of us have to pick up the tab for this?  And unlike children, other than not deliberately running over it, I have no grand moral obligation to your pets.  This is going to end up causing crazy cat people, who hardly pay any taxes anyway because of their near unemployability, to end up paying no taxes at all.

Van Jones is not only a professed Communist but also a high-ranking occultist as well.  In an episode of PID radio, broadcasters Derek Gilbert and Doctor Future pointed out that Obama’s former special advisor for green jobs is also a fellow at the Institute For Noetic Sciences, a New Age think tank that researches “extended human capacities”, “integral health”, and “emerging worldviews”.   These categories include psychic abilities, the survival of consciousness after death, and earth-worshipping pantheism.

Hispanosupremacists Rampage Over Illegal Alien Costume

A number of Hispanosupremacists contend that a Halloween costume titled “Illegal Alien” consisting of an extraterrestrial mask, an orange jumpsuit, and a piece of cardboard labeled “green card” will hurt their friends that are illegals.

Would they prefer the costume consist of a sombrero, a beer bottle, and a book of Foodstamps?

Frankly, since illegals don't belong here, rather than worry how this costume hurts illegals, maybe we should worry how illegals are hurting the United States.

I remember one time it being said "undocumenteds" should not be referred to as "aliens" because these human migrants are from the planet earth and should not be referred to "illegal" either because "no human being is illegal".

Yet I bet all this posturing never stopped them from calling the White folks naive enough to fall for all this nonsense stupid gringos.

Now it seems we can't even refer to aliens as aliens.

Mark my words eventually you won't even be able to refer to "extraterrestrials" as "extraterrestrials" since that will be a "thought crime against galactic unity".

If retailers such as Target cave to this pressure and remove the costume from sale, conservatives of all stripes and hues should rally to have Kwanza items banned as well.

That might be the celebration of an ethnic group not even a party to this dispute, but those participating in that celebration are part of the same mindset out to destroy America.

by Frederick Meekins

Mohler Thinks He Knows What Your Career Should Be More Than You Do

On his 10/8/09 broadcast, Albert Mohler was in a tizzy wondering why fewer young men are going into missions work than women. 

Since we are going to turn this into yet another opportunity to bash men, a pastime increasingly popular in certain Evangelical circles, could it be that as the Bible seems to indicate men might be less prone to the kinds of emotional manipulation many missionaries utilize to whip people up into a frenzy. 

Just because someone in the pulpit is in a froth as to why we should do something does not mean by default that we have to go out and do it if it is not an explicit Biblical command but rather an individual interpretation.

One must also ask, if in these circles women are suppose to be keepers at home, who is suppose to go out and work in order to put something in the hands of these mendicants every time they come knocking? 

Furthermore, is it really the call of God not being heeded or merely overzealous school administrators being ignored in terms of individual lives? 

In his remarks, Mohler lamented the geographical blinders of Christian youth focusing on ministry closer to home. 

Interesting also how someone headquartered in what is likely one of the most lily White sections of the country insists the rest of us aren’t pleasing God unless we trounce off to the Third World’s disease ridden cesspools.

I wonder what Albert Mohler’s done lately where a microphone wasn’t involved. 

Rectal Bombs, Bono Dreck & Obama Full Of It: Headline Potpourri #9

Travelers often grumble about security measures at airports requiring them to remove belts and shoes as precautions to detect explosives.  Such inconveniences may seem like something from the quaint past in light of a new strategy developed by Al Qaeda.  An attack was carried out against the Saudi head of counterterrorism operations by concealing nearly a pound of explosives inside a bomber's rectum.  The device was detonated by cell phone.  It is believed instructions on how to carry out such an attack will soon be posted online.

Representative Joe Wilson was right after all.  Obama is a liar.  The healthcare legislation being considered in Congress will not require immigrants to produce legitimate photo identification to qualify for benefits.  But I bet you, American citizens will have to lay bare all their documents (including birth certificates like those Il Duce refuses to show anyone) to qualify for even the most basic of medical care.

The stage at U2’s Washington concert cost nearly $40 million.  By what right has Bono then to lecture the rest of us about poverty and Westerners having too much? During the concert, the Irish crooner declared that his quartet had transcended band status and are more akin to a global force like a nation states.  Apparently  he’s every bit the arrogant piece of human dreck South Park made him out to be.

Pedaling Away Our Freedom

To what extent does a school's authority extend beyond the school yard?

A Saratoga Springs, NY seventh grader may help formalize these boundaries.

According to, a state trooper interdicted the lad at Maple Avenue Middle school, informing that biking and even walking to school were against the rules. 

A school might discourage biking to school by refusing to provide accommodations such as storage facilities and might even prevent pupils from perambulating away from the premises in the evening unaccompanied by an adult. 

But on what legal ground can they decree by which mode of locomotion students arrive for instruction unless there is a formalized legislative statute banning those of a certain age from utilizing public sidewalks irrespective of destination? 

Perhaps the greatest issue of concern here is law enforcement being summoned to enforce the policy whim of bureaucrats in jurisdictions beyond their stipulated purview. 

For if this is not stopped now, what is to prevent educators by threatening through the barrel of the gun upon which police decisions ultimately rely from deciding what else goes on while your children are in your own care such as what they eat, what they watch on TV, and even what you as a parent are permitted to believe in terms of politics and religion?

By Frederick Meekins

Obama Gluts On Ten Ounce Burger

Those who have bent their knee in homage to our nation's magnanimous liege will no doubt one day denounce me in a People’s Court (not the TV show but rather a Soviet-style show trial) for daring to nitpick the Chosen One to this extent.  However, it is their beloved leader, ladies and gentleman, that insists that the COMMUNITY play a prominent role in your every life decision.

In a campaign speech, Barack Obama lamented that, during the Dark Ages before his ascent to the throne, Americans were able to drive around in SUV’s, eat what they wanted, and kept their homes climate controlled at 70 degrees.  Liberals, Communitarians, and other related socialist types who think that only those agreeing with them should be permitted to open our mouths will shriek, “You’ve already made this point in previous commentaries.”  And I am going to keep making it whenever Comrade Obama violates these key tenets of leftwing dietary policy.

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