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Still Lessons To Be Learned From The Obama School Address Controversy

Lincoln is credited with saying that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.  Likewise, totalitarian movements such as Nazism and Communism expended considerable resources on efforts designed to sway the youth of their respective countries into embracing ideologies inimical to the self interest of the student.

Viewing himself in the pantheon of historical figures by which entire eras are remembered, Barack Obama also realizes the necessity of claiming the hearts and minds of the young if he is to transcend the chasm between that of mere government administrator or even head of state to that of an adored icon an entire culture or way of life is built upon.

Though the administration distanced itself from the original lesson plan and disavowed any purpose for the President's broadcast address other than to tell students to stay in school, the fact that such a document was even formulated provides a glimpse into the worldviews of the influential at the highest levels of the bureaucracy and administration.  Therefore, even if the misbegotten memorandum is scrubbed from the Internet and its existence denied to the same extent as the Star Wars Christmas special, it must still be scrutinized as part of the documentary history of the United States.

Obama Manipulates States Into Adopting Standardized Academic Curriculum

The Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association, with prodding by the Obama administration, have agreed to a framework essentially nationalizing what is to be taught in America's schools.

Coverage in the media makes it sound like these standards will apply only to English and Math.

The problem arises in that English encompasses literature, which can play a major role in shaping the worldviews of students.

This is especially true since many leftwing academics think students should feast their minds on a steady diet of works that undermine the values preferred by parents.

For example, will students be required to read Harry Potter, which some parents might object to while others might not have so much of a problem with? Even worse is what will happen in regards to works that advocating additional sundry debaucheries such as fornication and suicide?

And though these standards are supposedly for public schools, what will happen to students in private schools that wish to maintain their academic independence?

by Frederick Meekins

Obama Advocates Domestic Violence

Speaking to the perceived inequalities between the sexes in regards to domestic labor, President Obama said in an NBC interview that he thought men "need to be knocked across the head every once in a while."

Many would brush the comments aside as the Chief Executive's attempt at humor.  However, as the nation has learned as of result of Rush Limbaugh's failure to acquire a stake in the ownership of the Rams, some thought are so vile that they cannot be enunciated according to the NFL officials that denied the famed broadcaster this economic opportunity.

What if Obama had said every once in a while women need to be knocked across the head to be reminded of just how good they have it in this county?  Given that Michelle had never felt pride in America until this past election cycle, it seems this is a lesson he has failed to get across to his little woman.

Radical feminists will respond that domestic violence against women is something its victims are so ashamed of that it can never be mentioned in a jocular manner.

Than isn’t it even more so when the victims are men?  For the last time I checked, there were not entire cable networks and television programming blocks dedicated to stories of the struggles of battered men or entire charities established supposedly to address the needs of battered men which quietly toss their daughters into the streets for having reached an arbitrary age still well below the age of majority and irrespective of whether or not these youngsters are capable of providing for themselves.

Ministers Get The Bejesus Knocked Out Of Them

And no,  the headline is not about a form of religious persecution.
A number of churches are turning to Ultimate-Style fighting as a way to attract young men back to the pews.
Eventually, as in the case with so-called "Christian tattoos" (ones added after conversion rather than prior too), one will be categorized as not being devoted enough to the Lord if one is not willing to have one's body mutilated in this manner.
If pastors really want to draw in testosterone oozing crowds, why not have two chicks whacking on each other? But that goes too far some may respond.
How so? It is no more immoral to have two women fighting each other without legitimate cause as two men. And in this day of anything goes and sloppy theology, any undue titillation that results could simply be explained and celebrated as the God-bestowed appreciation of the female form inherent to any red-blooded American male.
If churches want to be serious about luring actual manly men back to their congregations how about more songs and lessons that emphasis objective doctrinal or historical content rather than the lyrical equivalent of Jesus blowing in your ear as is the case with many of these praise and worship choruses as well as providing study opportunities where one is free to share what's on one's heart if one feels led to but one is not branded as a heretical individualist if one decides not to.

by Frederick Meekins

A Twitterian Analysis Of The State Of The Union 2010

Obama certainly looks down his nose in a condescending manner.  Why do I hear "KNEEELLLLLLLLL  BEFORE ZOD!!!" from Superman II in my ear?

In opening the State of Union, Obama mentioned the Speaker of the House, the Vice President and the American people. What, no acknowledgement of illegal aliens? Obama apparently is not as tolerant as made to appear.

Isn't Chris Matthews forgetting that Obama is Black more offensive then Harry Reid saying "negro dialect"?

By invoking Bull Run & the Bloody Sunday of the civil rights movement in the State of the Union, Obama implies disagreement with him is racist.

Obama claimed he took office amidst growing government debt.  It's getting even worse under him.

Biden certainly seemed gleeful about hosing the banks.  Biden looked like a bobblehead the way he couldn't keep his neck still.

Guess we’ll see at tax time if Obama is blowing smoke up our rears about not raising taxes.

If Obama is supposedly one of the greatest orators of world history surpassing Bush’s limited elocutionary abilities, why did he use the word “cops” rather than “police”?

President plans to toss $30 billion here; $30 billion there.  Reminds me of the Simpsons bit about Internet stock.

And what if the job bill Obama demands “without delay” is delayed?

I guess all that clean energy technology China is inventing was the cause of all that smog at the Beijing Olympics.

Environmentalism Not About the Earth But About Control, Part 2

Those still not convinced should ask themselves before they run off and join such groups how much control they want to cede over their lives to the beneficence of the collective.  For once one signs over the very right to ownership to one’s dwelling and possessions, where does it end?

Willing to relinquish rights to the conjugal affections of your spouse to the group?  Don’t snicker.

In many cults, those not willing to surrender their spouses to the group are labeled as being insufficiently devoted to the group or "too individualistic" in orientation.  Interestingly this allegation is invoked increasingly in the churches of today as they totter ever closer to the edges of apostasy and unbelief.

Those enamored with their own smug progressivism will claim such excesses are more characteristic of the religious mindset.  Secularists would never stand for such outrages and the infringement on the most basic of relationships?

Think so do you?  Though he might have started off religious, before the last drop of Kool-Aid was slurped, Jim Jones' position on the Scriptures and the beauties of socialism had more in common with the National Counsel of Churches than Moral Majority or the Christian Coalition.  And for those that think Marx is the cat's whiskers, what do they have to say about this thinker's proposal that the individual family and private marriages should be abolished?

Environmentalism Not About the Earth But About Control, Part 1

For decades, American motorists have been subjected to propaganda insisting that they either need to drive less or give up safe, comfortable automobiles in favor of what amount to motorized coffins in order to preserve natural resources and environmental quality.  Now that this policy goal is pretty much on the road to being implemented, the elites running our lives are not content to sit back in the glow of their accomplishment but are rather laying the groundwork for the next phase in their grand dream of limiting the free movement of the American people.

One would think the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid automobiles would please transportation planners and social engineers.  However, as most realize somewhere along life's journey, getting what you want is not always what you expected.

For while hybrid cars might cut back on emissions and fuel consumption, they also take a bite out of gas tax revenues.  But instead of tightening their belts and learning to make due with less as they counsel you when you complain about rising fuel costs, government planners are now conniving to pass the hardship on to you by altering the way transportation taxes are assessed.

Obama Nazifies Christmas

Some may claim that this headline is a little strong.  But if one goes back and studies history, one finds that Hitler also deemphasized the religious aspects of Christmas in deference to a generalized "winter holiday".

This was only Obama's  first Christmas in the Oval Office. Yet the President has already tried to de-Christ Christmas in at least two instances.

It has come to public's attention that the White House considered not putting up its Nativity display.  Instead, plans were considered for a "more inclusive" Christmas.

G.K. Chesterton said "Religious liberty might suppose to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion. In practice it means that hardly anybody is allowed to mention it."   So in the vain attempt to feign  a posture of expansive sensitivity, the Obama administration was on the verge of excluding those who had someone sitting on the throne of their hearts other than Barack Obama.

The President provided more insight into his theology at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse just beyond the White House.  Obama said, "Tonight, we celebrate a story that is as beautiful as it is simple.  This story of a child born far from home to parents guided only by faith, but who would ultimately spread a message that has endured for more than 2000 years  --- that...we are each called to love one another as brother and sister."

Public Schools Embrace Debauchery & Apostasy Over Christmas Music

Most Americans would agree that freedom of conscience ranks among our most cherished liberties.  As such, the state should protect this particular right by almost any means necessary and reasonable (especially for citizens).

In California, an initiative has been undertaken to get a ballot before voters to determine the propriety of Christmas music in California public schools.  Within the measure is a clause that would require schools to notify parents 21 days before the specified tunes would be played or performed so that students can opt out of being exposed to such material.

Those having embraced a rigorous interpretation regarding the separation of church and state will applaud the measure as a enlightened compromise as these voices will be among the first to point out that, in these swinging days of free thought, not everyone embraces the Christianity espoused by these Yuletide harmonies.  One must ask then would the exponents of the unsullied conscience be as outspoken in defense of those wanting to be excused from exposure to more progressivist causes and material.

Absolutarian relativists claim that, in order to ensure the scholastic neutrality of the classroom, not even a whiff of religious material can be permitted to waft across young impressionable minds.  That might be what is claimed in theory, but the reality falls far short as an exclusionary objectivity is applied only to Christianity with other worldviews and religions actually imposed upon students.

Apostates Devise New Ways To Spoil Everyone’s Christmas

One of the shortcomings I remember the most about the Christian elementary school I attended was how a number of the less-than dedicated educators would punish all of the students for the misbehavior of a single pupil.  To this day, I remain convinced this had more to do with lazy teachers preferring not to mess around with recess than correcting actually delinquency.

As miniature societies, the dynamics of schools often reflect the processes that govern nations and countries.  Unfortunately, the good students --- or rather citizens in the macrocosmic case --- are having something that is by every right their's taken away just because those in charge don't want to deal with those out to ruin things for everyone.

For nearly 15 years (or at least since I've been writing about the topic annually), Christians and allied conservatives have waged a noble effort against secularists claiming the  First Amendment, through an expansionist interpretation of the Separation Clause, forbids the erection of Nativity scenes and even less conspicuously devout Christmas symbols on public property.

Since Christmas has become a pivotal component of our culture, most Americans instinctively recoil at efforts to banish the beloved winter festival even if they are not particularly religious.  Thus to be successful, secularists realized they would need to pursue a different strategy.

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