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Religion Invoked To Coax America's Cultural Surrender

The March 2010 issue of Sojourners Magazine pictured on its cover an adorable Hispanic child with a caption next to the photograph reading "Citizen or Criminal".   Inside the issue were a number of articles expositing how Christians are obligated to basically surrender America to outsiders, most of whom defended by the magazine have no standing to be in the United States to begin with.

For example, one pullout quote in red (no doubt playing on the conditioning that the red words in some Bibles carry more weight than the others) read, "If we are truly about family values, how can we argue for a system that separates parents from their citizen children."  Notice how the onus is placed on America rather than the Mexican government for the responsibility of family reunification or cohesion.

Maybe our neighbors to the south should make it easier for children beyond its borders to be repatriated there with their parents.  After all, the likes of James Dobson has in the past lectured Pat Buchanan how the family values of Mexicans are superior to those of the average American.

It is interesting how Sojourners, a publication that doesn't really give a hoot about the Word of God any other time given its modernistic and liberal affiliations, suddenly knows all of the verses admonishing the believer to aide the plight of the downtrodden.  What about the verse extolling obedience to properly constituted laws (such as those administering the immigration process)?

Fashion Critic-And-Chief

Totalitarianism is defined as a political system where the state attempts to govern every aspect of public and private life. 

Obama has favorably endorsed the linguistic alteration to the uniforms of the Phoenix Suns (and why didn't he go out of his way to mention what city the Spurs were from as well).

Is there any doubt that the level described above is the extent to which the President desires to intervene in our lives? 

One would think that the country is so screwed up right now that Obama wouldn't have time to assume the role of the nation's chief fashion critic.

by Frederick Meekins

Renaming War On Terror Actually A War On America

The Obama White House has more respect for the homicidal enemies of the United States than it does for the average American citizen.  For while Obama operatives at one point set up an email account to gather intelligence on those critical of healthcare legislation and categorized those questioning the need for end of life counseling as astroturf protestors, it has been announced that America is no longer at war with terrorism or even jihadists for that matter. 

Instead of blowing this human scum into Sheol, the administration plans to increase aide to foreign governments that will no doubt come back to be used against Americans.  There is nothing quite like having the best enemy that money can buy.

Despite their shortcomings, one must acknowledge that America's enemies do not respect weakness.  However, that is exactly what the nation is projecting.

Changing what is said about the situation is not going to change the situation.  Nor is it going to change what the enemies of the United States think about the United States or their intentions towards Americans.

Interestingly, instead of mustering the intellectual wherewithal to rise to the challenges to our freedom and very existence, leaders throughout various institutions are going out of their way to cater to Islamist preferences and shackle Western perceptions.

Working Americans Already Pull Their Own Weight

A letter in the 4/19/10 USA Today argues that it is not enough to pay taxes but that one must have a smile plastered across your face as the government sticks its hand up your rear end.

The sycophant writes, "Part of U.S. citizenship includes paying taxes (assuming you have income)" and "The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight."

In light of such a sentiment, should we instead be against measures such as the earned income tax credit which often pays more back to low income individuals than they pay into the system?

And it must be noted that, if Americorps operatives who are seen as "giving back to the community" even though they receive some manner of financial payment for their labor, one "pulls his own weight" everyday one goes to work or assists someone on one's own without having to have someone from the government standing over their shoulder telling them how to do it.

by Frederick Meekins

Hoodwinking Thermostats

The electric company is trying to hoodwink customers into signing up for web-programmable thermostats. 

But if you can set your temperature over the Internet, what is to prevent it from being set by a party other than the homeowner? 

On the advertisement it reads that the web-programmable thermostat will be used to "cycle off air conditioners during peek hours". 

Control to this extent is the ultimate goal of the so-called "smart grid" advocated by Obama. 

However, you will no doubt be the one left perspiring in the summer heat even though the Obama hag is the one that insists upon going around sleeveless.

by Frederick Meekins

An Analysis Of I Corinthians 15

To religious progressives wanting to at least acknowledge the morality of Jesus without having to acknowledge His rightful place as the Lord of the their lives, the resurrection of the body is viewed as a disposable dogma more suited for less scientific times when the masses of humanity were less capable of comprehending the harsh realities of life.  Often the believer confronts this kind of thinking in contemporary academic forums such as the Quest for the Historical Jesus and the like.  However, this attempt to undermine this teaching goes back even further among beloved historical figures from the past such as Thomas Jefferson who exorcised from the pages of the Bible those passages attesting to the miraculous truth.  However, by analyzing I Corinthians 15, the believer is assured that the Resurrection is perhaps the most important doctrine in the pages of Scripture.

In verse 1, Paul points out that what he is about to teach is not some new doctrine pulled out of the sky but rather a reminder of the fundamental Gospel on which believers in the church have taken their stand often without regard to earthly consequences.  In verse 2, Paul makes it known that the Gospel is not just a set of intellectual propositions but rather the message through which the believer is saved if they "hold firmly to the word I have preached to you" outside of which there is no hope.

Deemed Unpatriotic To Question The Tax System & Government Spending

An Op-Ed in the 4/15/10 USA Today titled "Yes, I Love Taxes" denounces the Tea Party movement as "unpatriotic" for daring to criticize what the activists categorize as excessive taxation. 

But isn't it even more unpatriotic to fornicate out of control, refuse to work, and then expect everyone else to pick up the tab for one's own debauchery? 

It has been estimated that nearly 50% pay no taxes. 

You can't tell me that they are that poor as a higher percentage of the population than that have cable television and an Internet service provider. 

So tell me, who is the bigger subversive: the loyal citizen that dutifully pays their taxes but uses the peaceable mechanisms available to change the system or rather the deadbeat that contributes nothing but comports themselves as if the taxpayer owes them?

by Frederick Meekins

Haiti Quake Used To Justify Illegal Immigration

Rush Limbaugh has been criticized for raising the issue of whether or not Haitians will be subjected to the same kinds of limitations on assistance to be imposed on Americans such as the proposed healthcare review boards popularly referred to as "death panels" because of the powers these regulatory bodies would be granted to deny life-saving treatment to those deemed of marginal socioeconomic utility by government bureaucrats.

Why isn’t this question raised by the broadcaster considered a valid concern?

If the first purpose of the United States government is to provide for the general welfare of its citizens however one might decide to define the scope of that notion, shouldn’t foreigners irrespective of the desperation of their circumstances be subject to at least the same rigors?

While the victims of the earthquake in Haiti deserve sympathy and charity, engaged patriots must not allow elites to use this tragedy as an excuse to blunt the discerning criticism of good citizenship. 

Some might respond that many of the victims of this cataclysm are innocent children.  And that is true enough.

It is one thing to allow passage for a given number of youngsters who have caretakers and provision eagerly awaiting their arrival.  It is quite another to grant charity willy-nilly without question.

Soothe Your Gangrenous Pus

If Obama’s strategic foolishness brings nuclear destruction upon America, is he going to do the honorable thing and go down with the rest of us as did the Black President in the movie 2012?

Or does Obama think he’s so important that he’ll be the first one to dash into the indestructible undersea bunker?

See if all the grandiose proclamations about continuity of government will soothe your radiation sores oozing with gangrenous pus.

In a White House report that essentially hopes that all hell breaks lose following a nuclear attack, it is admonished that “Emergency response is principally a local function”.

Interesting, when it comes to a legitimate matter of survival the Obama Administration would become a proponent of federalism and the separation of powers.

In regards to nearly every other issue they advocate a totalist centralization of power.

by Frederick Meekins

Schauungtown Chronicles, Part 4: The Primate’s Pilgrimage

“I want to thank you all for coming to this special Overseer’s Coven.  I have some very special news,”  the speaker smiled at the announcement.

“What is it, Cecelia?”  one of the overseers gathered asked.

“Director Joshua informs me that the Primate will be coming here to Schauungtown as part of his annual pilgrimage this year.

The overseers in the circle all smiled.

“That is good news, Sibling Cecelia."

“Yes, Schauungtown is being honored for its efforts in implementing the Covenant of Universal Community.  As part of the celebration, the Primate will be coming before our branch of the Toleration Fellowship.”

“Will Director Joshua be accompanying the Primate?”

“Probably not.”  However, Sibling Cecelia assured her fellow Overseers, “Having the Primate visit our branch of the Toleration Fellowship will be quite an occasion to remember and no doubt be an herstoric day for our Community.”

The other Overseers gathered in the coven had to agree.  Though they would have been more thrilled to be paid a visit by Director Joshua, each of them was aware of what an honor it would be for the Primate to visit their Residential Association.  For as the holder of the holder of the highest office in the Toleration Fellowship, apart from Director Joshua, the Primate was seen as the foremost embodiment of the principles expressed in the Covenant of Universal Community.

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