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Olympics Subtly Lure Tots Into Paganism's Embrace

Over the past decade and a half or thereabouts, I have published occasional columns pointing out that there is more going on in terms of worldview at the Olympic games than good sportsmanship and keeping a stoic outlook no matter how disappointed one might be at the outcome of a particular event. These worldviews often come closest to public light in commemorations surrounding the games such as the opening or closing ceremonies.

For example, in an audio commentary I noted the blatant paganism at the 2006 games in Greece where the ancient gods were not so much depicted as curiosities of mankind’s religious history with the possibility of a few moral axioms derivable occasionally from these myths when approached as literature. Rather, adoration of these entities was approached as a viable system of belief around which humanity could draw ongoing sustain inspiration moving the world towards cultural unification.

For the most part, such ideological manipulation was aimed largely at a generalized audience irrespective of age. Now it seems Olympic organizers may have more carefully targeted their indoctrination efforts towards children.

During each Olympiad, mascots are created as appealing embodiments of each unique set of games. For example, the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles were represented by Sam the Olympian, a bald eagle clad in red, white, and blue which alluded to Uncle Sam and the highest ideals of the American people.

Is The Rider Of The Red Horse Ascendant?

It seems that the slyest way to undermine the Constitution is to claim to be defending it.

General Paul Vallely, through his front group, is calling for Barack Obama to step down from the Presidency over allegations of deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty, and for violating the oath of office and the U.S. Constitution.

But while all of these are valid charges, the solution presented indicates that the retired general may himself be an aspiring despot waiting in the wings.

For instead of allowing the constitutional procedures established by the Founding Fathers to guide the nation through turbulent periods in its history, Vallely is insisting that new elections must be held this very instant that are to be authorized as a result of citizen petition.

The General claims "We can wait no longer for a traditional transfer of power and a new government."

Such a proposal causes the discerning to wonder what other provisions of the Constitution he would like to hack to pieces with a bayonet.  Because unless the nation goes through an amendment process, there are no legal provisions there for the kind of procedure he is calling for.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 6,  the text describes those who are popularly referred to as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In this passage, the student of Scripture is shown a rider on a White Horse who is believed to conquer peacefully through guile rather than bloodshed; he is then followed by a Red Horse who brings war.

Obama Teaches You Are Not As Important As Him

President Barack Obama addressed the graduating class of Kalamazoo Central High School and personally greeted each of the seniors to congratulate them for their academic achievements.

This honor was extended, for the most part, because of the class patting itself on the back for its lack of racial and ethnic discord, which in today's scholastic environment translates largely into the White students taking with a smile plastered across their faces denouncement for and the accepting of blame for the lion's share of the world's problems as elaborated by leftist textbooks, multiculturalist educators, and the discontented minorities that get worked up into a froth as a result of such indoctrination.

Though a scathing column could be written on that in and of itself, that isn't even the most glaring hypocrisy surrounding this event.

As part of the security procedures surrounding the President's visit, each of the seniors to be personally greeted by the President had to submit to a Secret Service background check.

What's wrong with that those conditioned to submissively accept what they are told to do without a second thought will reply. Nothing whatsoever, as in this day of rampant violence, numerous precautions must be taken to protect the life of the President.

It is just a shame that the President doesn't think that your life is as valuable as his.

Can Celebrities Aiding In Oil Spill Disaster Be Trusted?

A deadly blob of oil and gunk edges ever closer to a delicate shoreline with each passing wave.  Fear not, Hollywood celebrities will save the day.

The boundary between entertainment and reality is growing more clouded every day.  Because of their respective expertise with complex aquatic equipment, James Cameron and Kevin Costner have stepped forward as potential heroes to resolve the BP oil spill disaster.  I guess most have forgotten what a flop "Waterworld" was at the box office.

However since the films for which these celebrities are best known, "Avatar" and "Dances With Wolves", are quite distinct in regards to the worldviews through which they hope to persuade audiences, can these personalities be trusted to assist in the preservation of our technologically dependent civilization or will they manipulate the crisis to impose cultural primitivism upon broad swaths of humanity?

Running around half-naked riding psychedelically-colored dinosaurs might look fun during an innovative three hour fantasy.  But if it was real, after awhile one would realize that it’s not as glamorous as it looks up on the big screen with no Preparation H in sight for the relief of the chaffed hemorrhoidal tissues that would no doubt result.

by Frederick Meekins

The Anarcho-Totalitarian Nature Of Radical Environmentalism

To most Americans, environmentalism is perceived as a benevolent cultural force charged with preserving the earth's endangered natural treasures and resources.  After all, who could possibly oppose freshwater, clean air, and efforts to save fury creatures. Yet few realize there is also a dark underbelly to the growing body of thought that motivates this enthusiastic social movement, causing it to often stand in opposition to fundamental Christian assumptions regarding God, man, and the relation of each to the broader Creation.  These faulty assumptions in turn end up posing a major threat to both the liberties we enjoy as Americans and the standard of living possessed by industrialized nations resulting from technological advancement.

There is more to radical brands of environmental ethics --- also known as "Deep Ecology" --- than the perennial dilemma between paper or plastic.  To a number of the movement's followers, such rigorous devotion to nature serves the function of a comprehensive worldview.  This perspective molds understandings of theology, anthropology, and forms of cultural engagement.

Fundamental, therefore, becomes this outlook's interpretation of ultimate reality.  In one sense, Deep Ecology can be seen as an eclectic philosophical movement finding its well of inspiration from the confluence of several streams of thought. 

Government Hypocritical Regarding What Syrupy Compounds Enter The Body

The DC city council passed a tax on soda and sweet drinks.

This municipal body believes it is the place of government to manipulate citizens into choices that authorities conclude optimize health. 

Yet this very same government provides free condoms to decadent youth because, it is argued, it is not the place of bureaucrats to make value judgments what people do with their own bodies. 

These prophylactics will no doubt be financed in part through proceeds collected through the soda tax.

Life has certainly gotten more logical and consistent since giving God and the Ten Commandments the legal system's equivalent of the middle finger.

By Frederick Meekins

Emergent Church Treehugger Bit Of A Nut

According to Brian McLaren in an episode of his podcast regarding creation care posted at, God is not all that pleased with us living in square boxes.

I'd like to know what other shape we are suppose to use to get roofs over our heads.

No matter how large that religious circus tent of McLaren's in Burtonsville, Maryland might be, it is still basically in the form of some kind of box.

Much of the purpose of the Emergent Church is to deride so-called "middle class values" and to undermine America's traditional Judeo-Christian culture (or in other words, minding your own business and providing for oneself as empowered by God).

Perhaps someone ought to point out that McLaren's understanding of nature reeks of the bourgeoisie naivety he and his leftist cohorts spend so much of their time criticizing.

To McLaren, nature consists of the beauty of this annual sunflower and the run off pond he stocks with fish that he mentions in the podcast.

Both of these acts, by the way, go against nature left in a pristine state since the sunflower mentioned is deliberately planted by a human being and the fish are not going to slither by themselves into what sounds like a landlocked pond.

If it were not for the contrived boxes McLaren seems to loathe and the technology making such comfort possible, I doubt he would find nature to be all that amicable as he would otherwise be subjected to extremes of heat and cold that would make life unbearable and likely even unlivable.

Wonder What Else The Obamaphiles Haven't Read

Another Obama Administration official, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, has admitted to not reading the Arizona immigration law.

When this confession is coupled with the revelation that members of Congress failed to read the healthcare bill despite that legislation's potential to revolutionize nearly all of America's economic and political system, it makes the concerned citizen cringe.

Many of the regulations being imposed upon the people of the United States in terms of tyrannical policies may not even be known about before it is too late.

But even more importantly, the actions taken by government officials wallowing in their own ignorance on any wide array of political and legal matters might not even be authorized by any properly promulgated law if this failure to read actual statutes is as widespread as we are now being led to believe.

by Frederick Meekins

Obama's Mooch, Holder The Airhead & Pope Pelosi: Headline Potpourri #14

The Council Of The Religious Leaders Of Metropolitan Chicago have released a statement condemning the Arizona immigration law.   Given that Chicago is perennially going to hell in a handbasket because of its high crime rate and the legendary corruption of the city’s municipal authorities, you'd think these clergymen would be too busy to comment on affairs taking place halfway across the country.   Perhaps conservative pastors in Arizona with virtually no connections to Chicago whatsoever should hand down as a group their own lengthy proclamation as to what they perceive as to the shortcomings of Obama's adopted hometown.

A fuss is being made over the abandoned boyhood home of Mitt Romney being torn down. Any other time the power of government to snatch homes from people is heralded as a wonderful sign of progress and anyone thinking otherwise had better remain silent or they will be labeled as one of those "Tea Party Terrorists".

When questioned by a member of Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder was unable to admit that radical Islam is responsible for the vast majority of terrorist attacks upon the United States.  Can you imagine in the 1940's what a mess this country would be in if its highest officials were unable to even enunciate how we were at war with Germany or Japan?  I bet these Obamaphiles have no problem about saying things against White folks, Christianity, and the Tea Party movement.

Book On Hitler Youth Warns Of Communitarian Dangers

When pondering the evils of Nazism and Adolf Hitler, one's mind reflexively turns to the horrors of the Second World War and the Holocaust because of the overwhelming loss of life surrounding these historical events.  However, coming in high on the list of the Third Reich's atrocities was its use of state power to undermine the most basic of human rights and the subordination of all other social institutions to the prerogatives of the Party.  In “Life In The Hitler Youth” by Jennifer Keeley, the reader learns of the Nazi subversion of the family and realizes the disturbing parallels that can be drawn with developments unfolding in our own nation.

According to Keeley, all of German life (including the minutest detail of one's personal life) was brought under Nazi control through the policy of Gleichschaltung or coordination so that all of society and culture reflected National Socialism (9).  As such, the 1936 Law Concerning The Hitler Youth decreed that all of German youth were to be incorporated under the banner of this organization.

Most Americans would probably marvel how all these things unfolded in Germany and take comfort thinking the same sort of thing could not happen in the United States.  However, then reading “Life In The Hitler Youth”, one comes away with an uneasiness in the pit of the stomach when one realizes the similarities of the philosophies justifying a number of the programs in Nazi Germany and the United States of America.

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